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25 01.18

The place of art in interior design for the modern home

Artwork is the last step you have to go to have a perfect, cozy home. Artwork is much more than a painted canvas or an ancient sculpture. These are the objects that reveal the essence of the people...
30 01.18

House by the sea with the interior design inspired by Sunrise

In these dark and cold days our thoughts return to the sunny days, and our gaze seeks the tranquility of the sea waves. Our desire is to escape from the hectic everyday life and immerse in relaxatio...
27 06.18

Why sunlight is important in our lives?

  Light and space at home - the purpose of every interior design Do you wonder why people prefer bright spaces? The answer is surprisingly simple, specifically, light in its essence means life...
25 07.18

How to reduce the use of plastic in our daily life?

  Nowadays we are so accustomed to plastic products that if they suddenly disappear their lack would cause us to be quite confused. At the same time, our excessive use of plastic has b...
16 11.18

Which is the better choice - a secure or ordinary residential complex?

  Buying a flat in a secure complex is becoming more and more popular and a preferred option for many families looking for a property on the Black Sea coast. In the following lines we will...
19 11.18

The positive aspects of life in Sarafovo South

Sarafovo South is one of the most fashionable residential areas in the city of Bourgas, which make up the modern residential complexes of closed type. The area build dreams and creates homes for fa...
21 11.18

What you need to know about residential loans for Bulgarians living abroad.

Trends in Real estate Modern technologies and communication channels have advanced to such an extent that there are no longer any barriers to where we can live. In recent years, there has been a gr...
26 11.18

5 reasons why is healthy for your mind and body to live by the sea

Psychologists from the European Center for Environment and Human Health, have made a number of studies, which have found that life near the sea has a beneficial impact on the human body. No doubt,...
28 11.18

Which are the main steps of buying a property in Sarafovo South?

According to the current Bulgarian legislation and bank’s requirements, Bulgarians, who live abroad and want to buy real estate in Sarafovo South, should be aware of a few things. They are re...
04 12.18

The most up-to-date architectural trends for the past year 2018

2018 is extremely exciting in terms of architectural design and innovation. The construction industry has developed a number of innovative technologies by introducing new materials and project optio...
10 12.18

What makes a property in gated complex so appealing?

Life in secured sea complexеs offers many advantages to its owners, such as safety, property quality, peace and a high standard of living. These are just some of the reasons that make gated complex...
10 12.18

Flats in Sarafovo with yard, near the sea

The flats in Sarafovo South reveal you an opportunity to have your own property by the sea. Here you can find home that will give you a new perspective of living by having everything you want, inclu...