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News about projects and events

18 05.16

Atlantis Residence Park opened a mobile office in the town of Sofia

Shortly after the ceremony of the turning of the first sod of the grandiose green residential complex Atlantis Residence Park, residents of Sofia are already able to familiarize themselves with the pr...
08 11.17

Why is it necessary to get more light into our home?

Why is it necessary to get more light into our home? If you are constantly feeling tired and stressed, it may be time to look for the cause in your home and more precisely in the natural sources of...
08 11.17

Season of falling leaves as an accent in the interior of the home

Autumn makes a contribution, inspiring interior designers to develop their ideas and bring new nuances, beautifully combined into elements that suggest the current season. The falling foliage season...
16 11.17

Current trends in interior for autumn-winter 2017

If you have decided to revive and renovate your home, as you did with your wardrobe, the moment is more than suitable. As we approach the cold months of the year, we want to spend more time with our...
16 11.17

The magic fragrances for home during the cold months

Winter is the season of change - comfort and warmth appeal to all who need rest and a desire to experience a blessed sense of peace in their home. Each season has its own magic scents that cause pos...
19 12.17

Become an expert in colour - transform your home

Colours have the ability to influence the human mentality. They help for a positive effect to feelings, moods and emotions. Colours have the power to optically expand or diminish premises, conceal i...
25 01.18

The place of art in interior design for the modern home

Artwork is the last step you have to go to have a perfect, cozy home. Artwork is much more than a painted canvas or an ancient sculpture. These are the objects that reveal the essence of the people...
30 01.18

House by the sea with the interior design inspired by Sunrise

In these dark and cold days our thoughts return to the sunny days, and our gaze seeks the tranquility of the sea waves. Our desire is to escape from the hectic everyday life and immerse in relaxatio...
27 06.18

Why sunlight is important in our lives?

  Light and space at home - the purpose of every interior design Do you wonder why people prefer bright spaces? The answer is surprisingly simple, specifically, light in its essence means life...
25 07.18

How to reduce the use of plastic in our daily life?

  Nowadays we are so accustomed to plastic products that if they suddenly disappear their lack would cause us to be quite confused. At the same time, our excessive use of plastic has b...
16 11.18

Which is the better choice - a secure or ordinary residential complex?

  Buying a flat in a secure complex is becoming more and more popular and a preferred option for many families looking for a property on the Black Sea coast. In the following lines we will...