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5 reasons why is healthy for your mind and body to live by the sea


Psychologists from the European Center for Environment and Human Health, have made a number of studies, which have found that life near the sea has a beneficial impact on the human body.

No doubt, living in a flat or a house, part of properties by the sea, is an incredible advantage and convenience. Being just a step away from the beach is really a magical and wonderful experience, but what does it actually do and why it is so useful for your mental and physical health?

Anyone who has spent some time by the sea, knows that it does something unique to our body, mind and soul. Some of us remain connected with it for a lifetime.

Here are the 5 reasons why living at properties by the sea is definately dream come true, but also and really healthy to your mind and body.

#1: Sea air helps you breathe better

Salt sea air allows you to take more fresh air into your lungs. It is an ideal prerequisite for a healthy and relaxed life as the air is cleaner, fresher and with higher oxygen levels, which greatly improves your health tone.

Salty sea air is a natural alternative to the salt rooms, or known as halotherapy, in which children and adults are treated aginst various diseases and they strengthen the immune system.

#2: Deep and relaxed sleep

At properties by the sea, you can hear the waves, which gently meet the shore and merge with it in perfect symbiosis. This white noise provides a soothing and relaxing feeling, that is an ideal prerequisite for a deep and qualitative sleep. The awakening up is realy pleasant, and you feel yourself energetic and completely rested.

#3: The sea helps you relax and get rid of stress

Stress is the main cause of many diseases in modern society. The sea, on its behalf, has the ability to make people relaxing and create an unparalleled sense of balance and harmony.

The sound of the waves has a soothing effect on the brain. This makes you clear your mind, reduce the stress level and strengthen your immune system.

Being on the sand, watching the sea and listening to the waves will bring you a sense of blessedness and peace to enjoy the moment. Instead of the usual "race" of typical urban life, in a home by the sea, you will experience absolute prosperity and positive attitude towards life.

The view of the sea in front of you can help you imagine things in perspective, where little worries seem insignificant and everything is possible.

#4: Predisposes to sport and meditation

Living near the sea is like having a huge swimming pool that allows you to use it when you want. You only have to take a few steps down to the beach.

Swimming at sea does not only offers harmony but it is also great for your physical health, helping you to control the weight, reducing the risk of heart disease and lowering blood pressure. In addition, it allows the skin to recover and regenerate.

Swimming is not the only form of exercise that is available in Sarafovo South properties by the seat. You can participate in collective activities, such as beach volleyball, train at nearby special sports areas, or you can just walk along the coast.

Properties by the sea reveal the best opportunity for meditation with a natural landmark - the sea waves. Powerful and real visualization loads you with energy and dismiss any negative emotions. Breathing in the rhythm of the waves is an absolutelyely inspiring and useful method of meditation.

#5: Life by the sea is ultimately beneficial to people's health

In 2016, survey shows that life by the sea is more calming and useful than the one in the mountain or in some village. This is explained by the natural sensation of the open spaces, fresh air and the enlightening power of the sea.

Properties by the sea, provide the unique opportunity for walks along the sandy beach line, which are extremely useful and they generate energy balance for the whole body.

Spending time in the water, makes your skin soft and silky, and also harmonizes all processes in the body. It is no wonder that many people with health problems are being directed to rest and have treatment exactly by the sea. It improves physical health and reduces levels of stress.


The scent of the sea, a sound of the waves, to swim and walks on the sand, all that bring peace for your mind, improve your physical health and brings you a true happiness, which are practically the basis for a healthy mind and body.

The sea is often associated with memories of happy holidays, but imagine these memories not to be only a few days during the summer months, but all year in your new home in Sarafovo South!