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12 12.18

Do you really hear noise from airplanes at the airport near Sarafovo?

Strategic noise map Special strategic maps related to the environmental noise are developed for all agglomerations on the territory of the country. They are designed to completely reduce the noise...
21 12.18

Infrastructure development in Sarafovo South

Leading Trends More and more people, not only in Bulgaria, but all over Europe, are looking for a new home in a place that minimizes the negative factors of everyday life, which people who are livi...
03 01.19

Innovative facade solutions for modern and stylish design

Facade solutions at "Atlantis Atmosphere" are the perfect way of counteracting the eventual negative weather conditions. They are also great precautionary measure against pollution. The vision of e...
07 01.19

PVC roof waterproofing membranes SIKA

Sika offers solutions that conform the highest standards and requirements for waterproofing quality. The unique portfolio of PVC roof waterproofing membranes that the company offers, is a guarantee...
09 01.19

The demand for long term real estate investment in the Sarafovo South district is increasing

During the past year, the interest in buying property in Bourgas city area stays up. Because the growing need for more privacy and new lifestyle, more and more people are looking for properties outs...
11 01.19

"Atlantis Beach" in Sarafovo South - the beach from your dreams!

The owners who who have invested in real estate in Sarafovo South, have many advantages. One of them is the fact that their new home is located just a few meters from the sea. "Atlantis Beach" is a...
14 01.19

Modern and comfortable 2-bedroom flat in "Atlantis Atmosphere"

Most wanted real estate Two-bedroom flat is one of the most wanted properties from people who are looking for an optimal living space for their needs. The wo-bedroom apartments in the gated c...
16 01.19

Silicone plaster - properties and advantages

Features and application The silicone plaster is distinguished by its antistatic and elastic properties. It is characterized by an extremely good vapour water permeability, the silicone plaster is wa...
21 01.19

Burgas properties – the life you’ve always dreamt of is possible in Sarafovo South!

While searching for the ultimate and most suitable of all properties in Burgas, people usually spend a lot of time researching - browsing the web, visiting real estate agencies and looking for an ad...
23 01.19

Spacious three-bedroom apartment for a large family at the “Atlantis Atmosphere” complex

The three-bedroom apartments at the “Atlantis Atmosphere” closed complex are an ideal option to create a home for families with children, as well as for the people who love to have a lot...
25 01.19

Automated watering system installed in the residential complex Residence Park

The large green spaces require sufficient amount of water in order to be kept in good shape. Due to this reason, a next generation automated watering system is installed on the territory of the resi...
28 01.19

Apartments directly from construction company – you can rely on the developer Atlantis Bulgaria Holding to find your new home!

Buying an apartment is a very important decision, which is closely connected with its corresponding resources and time. How you will use that space afterwards is the leading consideration for most o...