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Apart hotel in resort Pamporovo

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For sale: land with a project for a hotel in the resort village of Pamporovo, Chepelare municipality, Smolyan district.

A land property with area of 1.787 sq. m. 

Developed architectural design and 3D images. The design is for an aparthotel with 40 apartments, situated in five typical floors and one under-roof floor, with a basement floor. It is planned that the hotel has:

  • apartments „studio“ type - 34;
  • apartments – one - bedroom  - 4;
  • apartments – two - bedroom  - 1;
  • outdoor parking lot with 15 spots;
  • indoor parking lot with 12 spots;
  • restaurant;lobby - bar;
  • shop;
  • SPA centre.

Pamporovo is one of the oldest holiday villages in Bulgaria, created in 1933. It is situated in the midst of Rodopa mountains at 1650 m altitude, in the foot of Snezhanka peak. It is situated about 220 km away from Sofia, 85 km to the south of Plovdiv, 15 km to the north of Smolyan and 10 km to the south of Chepelare.

The main stream of tourists in Pamporovo is concentrated during the winter months because the resort was designed predominantly for winter sports. Almost all slopes in the resort start from Snezhanka peak, as their altitude ranges from 1400 m to 1926 m. The resort has 30 km ski runs for long-distance running, 37 km runs for Alpian disciplines, 10 ski rentals, ski schools with over 100 highly qualified instructors. The ski tows are nine and the lifts six. Artificial snow machines have been installed, as well as lighting for skiing during the night. The capacity of the facilities is 11 600 persons per hour. The tourist season starts in December and continues almost until the end of April.

The climate in the area of Pamporovo stands out with a mild winter, during which there are over 100 sunny days. The resort ranks first by sunny days among all mountainous resorts in Bulgaria. The average annual temperature is 5.5°С. Because of the beautiful nature, the area is visited by tourists during the summer months too.

Final price of the land with the project: 99 900 €

Estate area:
3287 m²
Estate type:
Floor count:
6 floors
Total Apartments:
Construction state:
Maintenance Fee:
No tax


Why Apart hotel in resort Pamporovo

Learn more about the location of the complex, the environment and the features it offers.

Concept of the area

Technical details

The approach to the plot is provided by an existing road. The building has five typical floors, one under-roof floor and a basement floor. The building has an inside staircase and an elevator.

The rooms are organized according to a corridor scheme. They all face east, west or south. No rooms facing north have been planned. Each room is an individual unit - apartment. A balcony, secured by railings, is provided for each typical room. Beside the typical rooms, one – and two – bedroom apartments have been provided for. Total number of beds (guest capacity of the hotel) – 82.

Chambermaid offices on floors 2, 3 and 4, as well as in the basement, have been provided for too.

The apartments on the last floors are organized as under-roof apartments with a slanting roof. The apartment on elevation +3,45 is adapted for people with restricted mobility.

Area of the floors:

Basement:                                                         614,35 m2
First floor:                                                         523,22 m2
Second floor:                                                     519,38 m2
Third floor:                                                        501,92 m2
Fourth floor:                                                      501,92 m2
Fifth floor:                                                         407,06 m2
Sixth floor:                                                        219,08 m2
Area of the plot:                                                1787 m2
Built-up area:                                                    523.22 m2
Total above – ground built-up area:                     2672.58 m2
Total built-up area:                                            3286.93 m2
Density:                                                            29.27%.<.30%
Building density coefficient:                                1,4956 < 1.5
Landscaping:                                                     1251 m2

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Apart hotel in resort Pamporovo available properties for sale

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