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Underlying the architecture of “Las Brisas” complex is a completely new style, never used in the construction of residential complexes on the Bulgarian Southern seaside. Professionals named it “A model of the contemporary Mediterranean style”.

“Las Brisas” complex is created to surprise. The first thing, which makes a bright impression, is the breathtaking view from the top of the hill to the sea surface. “Las Brisas”, though, mean not only beautiful views, but also infrastructure, created in compliance with all requirements, necessary for comfortable living. The complex comprises four sections - “A”, “B”, “C” and “D”, as well as an underground parking lot, which unites all buildings. Each one of them is four-storied; in section “D”, unlike the others, only three of the floors are residential. Sections “C” and “D” are located closer to the sea.

Estate type:
Floor count:
4 floors
Total Apartments:
Construction state:
Sea distance:
130 m
Maintenance Fee:
With tax


Why Atlantis Las Brisas

Learn more about the location of the complex, the environment and the features it offers.

Concept of the area


Concept of the area

Sarafovo South is the place where in harmony nature and man, city and natural environment exist. The region harbors its new residents into modern and stylish buildings, located between trees, beautiful alleys with flowers, recreation areas and playgrounds. Sarafovo South is the place where the morning begin with a sunrise over the sea horizon, a cup of coffee and inspiration for the new day. 


The modern living area has everything necessary for a fulfilling life - restaurants, cafes, shops, pharmacies, banks, places for relaxation and fun, a beach, bike lanes and a comfortable public transport.  

Beach "Atlantis Beach"
Outdoor pool
24h security
Bike lanes
Medical center
Bus stops


Sarafovo South is the most peaceful place for living in the city of Burgas. From the very beginning security is the main priority to ensure a peaceful and comfortable life in the region. Recreation, sports, games and entertainment for your children - every detail is thought out and provided. 


As part of the dynamic growing city of Burgas, prior to 2020 Sarafovo South will become the most preferred residential area in the city. Here the busy everyday life gives way to harmony and a balanced lifestyle. This is the place where you can live in a natural and peaceful environment. 

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Technical details

The main rule of the holding which is implementing during the construction of "Las Brisas" and other complexes — “No quality compromise!” Following this policy, the experts selected carefully and impartially the best suppliers: German manufacturers of materials and Italian designers. The quality of constituent elements is a pledge of fundamental strength and durability of the whole complex.

  • Ceramic brick produced by the company Wienerberger "Porotherm" is the ecological standard
  • Interior finishing — "Knauf" plaster (10–20 mm lay), no drywalls
  • Roof covering made with "General Membrane" materials and technology ― manufacturer’s 15 years warranty
  • Exterior insulated finish system "Baumit"
  • Window framing „Schuco“
  • Each room if fitted out with switches and sockets by German producer “Schneider Electric”
  • Waterproof material from Italian company “Mapei”
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Atlantis Las Brisas available properties for sale

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Atlantis Las Brisas available properties for sale

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Number Property type Bedrooms Floor Exposure Price Living area Availability
D01 Apartment 2 1 South €89,001 108.7 m2 Available View details
D02 Apartment 2 1 South €88,972 102.8 m2 Available View details
D03 Apartment 1 1 West €54,951 55.2 m2 Available View details
D04 Studio 1 1 North €26,329 34.9 m2 Available View details
D05 Apartment 1 1 South €57,007 53.6 m2 Available View details
D06 Apartment 1 1 South €51,181 46.6 m2 Available View details
D07 Apartment 1 1 South €51,181 46.6 m2 Available View details
D08 Apartment 1 1 South €55,770 57.2 m2 Available View details
B-01 Studio 1 1 - €22,000 37.87 m2 Available View details
1 Warehouse 0 0 - €1,560 5.21 m2 Available View details
5 Warehouse 0 0 - €1,620 5.4 m2 Available View details
14 Warehouse 0 0 - €1,700 5.68 m2 Available View details
15 Warehouse 0 0 - €1,700 5.68 m2 Available View details
16 Warehouse 0 0 - €2,390 7.97 m2 Available View details
17 Warehouse 0 0 - €2,260 7.53 m2 Available View details
18 Warehouse 0 0 - €2,270 7.58 m2 Available View details
19 Warehouse 0 0 - €1,600 5.34 m2 Available View details
20 Warehouse 0 0 - €1,850 6.16 m2 Available View details
24 Warehouse 0 0 - €1,930 6.43 m2 Available View details
25 Warehouse 0 0 - €1,900 6.31 m2 Available View details
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 Advanced payment - EUR 2000
 30% of the sale price under a preliminary contract - 
 30% of the sale price after completion of rough construction
 30% of the sale price after installed windows and completion of the facade 
 10% of the sale price when signing a notary deed


 Book your viewing time directly on-site in Sarafovo, Burgas.


  Start                          December 2019 
  Completion                 July 2020