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PVC roof waterproofing membranes SIKA


Sika offers solutions that conform the highest standards and requirements for waterproofing quality. The unique portfolio of PVC roof waterproofing membranes that the company offers, is a guarantee for efficiency, long-term sustainability and protection.

The wide range of complete system solutions and products is based on technology with proven results and professional implementation of end-to-end solutions. Because of this, it is no wonder that "Residence Park" complex is designed and provided with PVC roof waterproofing membranes from Sika.

What are the advantages of PVC roofing waterproofing membranes, used in the construction of "Residence Park"?

  • A modern, integrated concept for waterproofing systems with excellent waterproof properties and characteristics.
  • Coatings from innovative, high quality and flexible materials.
  • Reduce the cost factor and increase efficiency.
  • Products that fully meet the requirements and application guidelines.

Additional Benefits:

  1. Creative and conceptual diversity.
  2. Excellent characteristics that are retained regardless of the type and extent of external influences.
  3. Roofing that fully complies with official fire safety requirements.
  4. Resistance to bacterial growth on surfaces.
  5. Efficiency of application versus input materials and installation time.
  6. Easy maintenance.
  7. Recyclability.
  8. High value of the material in the long run.

About  Sika

Sika Group (Sika AG) is a specialized international company that develops high-tech materials, with the company's application main focus in the construction industry. The latter includes elements for construction security and protection, waterproofing, stuffing, reinforcement and a number of others. The company has leading market positions both in the construction sector and in the automotive industry. Its headquarters are in Baar, Switzerland, and her business activities are focused on targeted markets worldwide.

Sustainable Development

Sika is trusted partner in our quest for sustainable development and environmental protection. Our principles are guided by several global trends covering economic, social and environmental aspects.

We are investors and builders of modern residential complexes. For our clients the apartmentas we offer are not just a property but their new Home!

A Home - awaited and dreamed, the one who will change your life for good. We can offer you the best, because we realize our projects in collaboration with trusted partners. We work with Sika - a company that have more than 50 years of experience in production of polymeric waterproofing membranes and development of roofing systems with global coverage. Their proven qualities and professionalism are an advantage not only for Us but also for You – the future homeowners in Sarafovo South.

The roof reliably protects people, objects and the building from the negative impact of the environment, from rainfall, solar radiation, heat loss, and so on. For Sika, sustainable development is not only a goal, but rather a process that encompasses the entire enterprise.