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A bigger number of Bulgarians choose to invest their money in real estate in Sarafovo South


Atlantis Holding Bulgaria reports a growing interest on the part of Bulgarians who want to invest in Sarafovo South, town of Burgas. The company has been developing the area for years by building not only houses but the entire adjacent infrastructure as well.

The main reason for the increased interest is the enormous potential of the new area. The top location is a seriously attractive reason. Burgas is one of the fastest growing cities in Bulgaria and its size logically expands. Due to the geographical features of the town, all directions of growth move away from the sea. Only in Sarafovo South the development occurs precisely on the sea coast.

An interesting factor is that currently prices in Sarafovo South are lower than the average market prices for the rest of the town. The relatively young area attracts many families. If in other parts of the town their budget is enough for a one - bedroom apartment, in the marine area they can buy a two-bedroom apartment at the same price in one of the complexes like "Residence Park".

The situation with the more luxurious properties is similar. With the budget for an apartment in another coastal living estate like "Lazur", where the building has gone beyond the standard of comfortable life over the years, in Sarafovo South a house "townhouse" type with two gardens and open space around the property can be purchased in "Atlantis Homes 2", only 2 minutes’ walk from the beach.

„The huge interest in these properties and upcoming improvement of infrastructure will lead to a certain rise in prices of properties. Enterprising people quickly found their way in this trend and were among the first to purchase houses.“