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The construction of soundproofing walls between Burgas Airport and Sarafovo District has started


New sound insulation project

The construction of 3 meters high and 2km long soundproofing walls on the main National Road I-9 between Burgas Airport and Sarafovo district has already startedThe modern installation will reduce the noise by about 10-15 decibels from the maximum possible of 15-18 decibels, as well as will affect the reduction of harmful air pollution coming from the air and road traffic.

This new engineering solution will be tailored to the surrounding environment, providing the necessary visibility and road safety. The materials which will be used to build the wall will be concrete and glass.

The project involves a tri-partite financial agreement between the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works Nikolay Nankov, the Road Infrastructure Agency, and the airport concessionaire. The technical specification and the procurement procedure will be carried out by the Municipality of Burgas.

The installation’s construction will be separated in three stages. The first stage begins with the construction of a 770 m soundwall, which will be located in parallel to the Burgas - Sarafovo road link.

The next two steps will be connected to the construction of the installation after Sarafovo. Accordingly, the second stage is designated for the construction of a barrier on the bridge going over the roundabout. The wall at this side will be 4 m high, providing effective noise isolation for the residents of Sarafovo.

The third and final stage will include the continuation of the wall after Sarafovo towards the town of Pomorie. The construction will be just over one kilometer long.

Sound insulation measures taken in 2018

We would like to remind that the City Council of Burgas updated the “Strategic noise map” of the Burgas agglomeration in 2018. This actively supported the creation of a healthy acoustic environment, limiting the noise in Sarafovo. The map lists the measures taken so far to reduce noise in the adjacent territories.

These measures include the following already built facilities, which are part of the Capital Program of Burgas Municipality for 2018:

  • Noise protection wall on the terrain along the road - a total height of 3 m and a length of 1841 m.
  • Noise protection wall on the bridge structures - total height of 4 m and length of 198 m. Located on the place where the bridge railings are situated. 
  • Noise protection wall along the lay-bys to and from Sarafovo - total length 441 m and height 3 m.

The reorganization of the landing, take-off and flight paths of the aircrafts further reduced the noise from the airport. The area maintains a healthy sound level, and, in fact, the aviation noise does not reach the residents of the Sarafovo South region.

See a detailed material on the topic here: Does airplane noise from the airport really reach Sarafovo?