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As the tradition dictates, the Atlantis’s team dyed together the Easter eggs


On Holy Thursday the Atlantis’s team painted the Easter eggs, demonstrating an exceptional creativity.

All of the team from Atlantis Bulgaria Holding’s office took part in the process showing great desire, temper and imagination, sharing their good mood.

The pleasant emotions our colleagues showed were shared between one another, bringing many joyful moments to the team and turning the day into a real celebration.

Customs and traditions

Holy Thursday has a lot of symbolism itself and the most special ritual of the day is the dying of the eggs which, as the tradition dictates, we made early in the morning.

According to the folk customs, the first egg should be painted in red. It is used to make a cross on the forehead and the cheeks of the kids for good health, and then the same is repeated for the rest of the family members.

That egg is separated from the others and stored on a specially designated place in people’s homes or in our case – at the office. It is a symbol of luck and it is kept to bring health, joy and prosperity.

The second egg should also be dyed in red and on Easter it should be brought and left at the church.

On Holy Thursday the sourdough is developed again and a dough is kneaded in order to make the traditional sweet Easter bread, sour breads or loafs.

On this day we remember the Last Supper and the day is connected with the cross being taken out of the altar.

A ritual that brings happiness

The dying of the Easter eggs is a special ritual that gathers all the family together as well as relatives and friends and brings joy to both the kids and the grown-ups.

Those of you who cannot dye their Easter eggs on Thursday can do it on Holy Saturday which this year falls on the 27th of April 2019.

Regardless of which day you will choose to paint your eggs, our team wishes you to enjoy the exciting moments and the wonderful emotions!

May the upcoming Easter holidays bring faith and protect our unity!