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Building "A" at the newly build residential complex “Atlantis Atmosphere” at Sarafovo South acquired Act 14



“Atlantis Atmosphere” construction process is going as planned

Construction company Atlantis Holding Bulgaria is on track to meet the previously set deadlines for successful completion of all of its projects, without compromising the quality of work.

The construction of the closed-type residential complex “Atlantis Atmosphere” in Sarafovo South makes no exception. It’s A building already acquired Act 14. This means that it could be transferred with a deed, in which the state of the building’s completion will be marked.

The construction of the two twin buildings at “Atlantis Atmosphere” is implemented according to the predefined schedule and the construction of the complex will be completed by the end of December 2019.

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What does the acquirement Act 14 means?

The purpose of the different types of deeds (Acts) in the current legislation is to exercise a proper legal control over each stage of the construction process.

The first mechanism is Act 14, which is received when the building reaches the stage of the so called “rough construction”. This includes the completion of the building’s surrounding walls and roof.

Act 14 is the document which is issued when the construction of the building is officially accepted and it is a very important step, legally certifying the right to build.

The document certifies that the specific construction and assembly works are implemented according to the current regulatory requirements.

Along with Act 14, the town council administration issues a Certificate for level of completion under Art. 181, para. 2 from the Spatial Planning Act.

After receiving the above-mentioned documents, the property could be transferred with a deed, in which its completion level is stated, namely, “rough construction”

The property values, which are on schedule at this stage, have a significantly lower market price in comparison to the one which they will get at the final completion of the building.

This makes buying a property at the residential complex “Atlantis Atmosphere” in the fast-developing area Sarafovo South which is yet to be completely build, an extremely good and profitable investment deal.

This stage of the construction process gives the opportunity to people who are looking for a property to take advantage of the greater choice of apartments according to their type, area, distribution, floor etc.

Building B at “Atlantis Atmosphere”

We remind you that block B and B1 received Act 14 and a protocol for a level of completion issued by Burgas Municipality in July last year.

At the current stage, building B is equipped with an external central heating type EPS, which is an extremely effective heat-insulating material. It combines the innovative achievements of the modern construction and the international standards for environmental friendliness.

The insulation is applied onto bricks Wienerberger Porotherm, which are distinguished with their high heat capacity, sound-proofing properties and excellent vapor permeability. This ensures the strength of the structure and the good resistance of the building’s walls.

Along with that a high-quality joinery Rehau is installed, which not only gives a beautiful aesthetic look but also has flawless heat and sound insulation properties.

The modern living environment at “Atlantis Atmosphere”

“Atlantis Atmosphere” is a unique residential space which is designed to provide everything necessary to the residents for a modern and environmentally friendly way of life, in close proximity to the sea shore.

Atlantis Bulgaria Holding builds a conceptual project, which will comply with the needs of every family. It also takes into consideration the desire of the modern person to live in an atmosphere of tranquility, security and harmony while, at the same time, enjoying its contemporary home, entertainment and other amenities.

This is the perfect place to grow your kids, which will play and develop in a healthy urban environment, surrounded by plenty of greenery created especially for them.

See more about the project and check out the available properties

The Atlantis Bulgaria Holding team wants to thank to all the current and future property owners at “Atlantis Atmosphere”, assuring you that we will continue to offer the best on the market, respecting all our promises to give you your dream home!

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