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“Atlantis Bulgaria Holding” visited the world’s leading trade fair of architecture, materials and systems - BAU 2019


Purpose and mission of the visit

“Atlantis Bulgaria Holding” representatives visited the world’s trade fair of architectural design and modern construction BAU, which was held from 14th until the 19th January this year in Munich, Germany.

BAU is a leading trade fair event in Europe which is organized every 2 years. At this year’s event more than 2100 companies from 45 different countries took part, while the registered visitors were more than 250 000.

Combining the idea of introducing innovations and eco-friendly solutions in one, BAU 2019 outlined the future by establishing the trend of creating a modern urban environment. This is achieved through high-tech and energy efficient components and systems – a concept that fits perfectly in the overall development vision of “Atlantis Bulgaria Holding”.

The current trends and innovations in the construction industry are based mainly on the high quality of the materials used, which makes the structures and the systems more reliable, and it also serves as a guarantee of their longevity.

The event is useful and interesting for everyone, who wants to be up-to date with the current materials and solutions in the construction industry with the aim to apply them in their projects to create a high living standard for its buyers.

The current topics in the construction industry

“Atlantis Bulgaria Holding”, as an investor and a constructor with many years of experience, constantly upskills its employees. By visiting the fair, the Atlantis experts were introduced in detail to the new topics connected with the urbanization, digitalization and improvement of the materials and the systems.

Applying modern solutions with the purpose of creating innovative and eco-friendly living environment is our idea and mission when constructing each one of the Holding’s projects. This is a proof that our efforts are focused on offering individual solutions with a guaranteed result.

In the long-term, the modern, stable and resistant concepts in the construction process of the closed-type complexes in the area of Sarafovo South guarantee their longevity and higher investment value.

The carefully selected construction materials which we apply and plan to use in our future projects are technologically refined, boosting undeniable qualities.

The modern and highly efficient construction materials, applied in our construction.

We will introduce you to some of the latest materials which we applied in the construction of the residential complexes located in the area of Sarafovo South. They are substantial, energy efficient and have eco-friendly characteristics:

✔ Wienerberger Porotherm bricks – they are distinguished with the ability to absorb heat, sound insulation features, good breathability. They provide the wall with high level of resistance and stability of the construction.

✔ Baumit silicone paint used in the closed-type complexes “Residence Park” and “Atlantis Atmosphere” is highly water repellent with antistatic features. It is also water vapor permeable, humidity-repellant, it is easily washable, and it is less prone to contamination.

✔ FunderMax - HPL Ventilated façade, planned for the closed-type complex “Atlantis Atmosphere” – guarantees the energy efficiency of the buildings, protects against condensation, protects against noise and complies with all the environmental standards as the measurable reduction in energy required for heating minimizes the carbon dioxide emissions.

✔ Apu - frame seal beads – prevent the water from spreading, provide noise, heat and freeze protection, prevent cracking or disturbing the surface of the profiles, create a flawless and aesthetic bonding. Manufactured according to the European environmental standards.

✔ Sika - PVC membrane for roofing hydro insulation – high quality layers of innovative materials, with excellent water-resistant characteristics and features. Reduce the cost ratio and while increasing efficiency.  

✔ Mapei - Roofing solutions – certified materials of a new generation, with an exclusive technology for layers with excellent characteristics and longer exploitation life.

The main topics and new products presented at the BAU 2019

BAU 2019 marked the new trends and showed the newest product lines of all the world leading manufacturers. There were also discussions on topics which addressed important issues connected with the design innovations and the building construction that can be summarized in a few main categories:

Façade systems and technologies for their integration.

Steel profiles, structural systems and surfaces.

Software and hardware technology for investigatory and measurement activities.

Roofing construction materials: roof membranes

Building automation and control

Construction materials and products: plasters, varnishes, paints, adhesives, insulation materials, sealants.

Energy efficiency and solar technologies: air-conditioning and ventilations systems, solar-thermal.

Glass facades and glass structures.

Doors, windows and joinery

Floor coverings and profiles.

Security: locks, cylinders, fittings, anti-intrusion systems, access-control systems.

Concepts for natural and artificial lightning.

Internal finishings.

Interior design elements.

✔ Conceptual connection of the living environment with nature.

Architects, engineers and other company representatives from the industry followed the event and participated in the panel discussion about questions related to the quality and the features of all the offered products.

The discussions with the manufacturers helped our team to accomplish our mission to choose the best products and systems on the market.

The stages of a successful development when building the closed-type complexes Sarafovo South will continue to include the integration of first-class materials. They will make the buildings more resistant, stable and aesthetic.

Our idea is based on the fact that we want to provide the highest living comfort, therefore our project solutions are distinguished with the application of modern tools and ideas, with extra thought being put in for the people who will live there through following an eco-friendly direction which creates a healthy and safe residential environment.