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A business meeting between the financial experts from DSK Bank and Atlantis Bulgaria Holding


DSK bank to offer preferential credit terms for the Atlantis Bulgaria Holding clients

A few days ago, DSK bank’s financial experts met with our representatives from “Atlantis Bulgaria Holding”.

The bank employees were made familiar with the development of the Sarafovo south area, along with the current projects of the Holding and their progress so far.

The focus of the business meeting was the presentation of the best mortgage terms and crediting options, which the financial institution can give to our clients when it comes to purchasing a property in the Sarafovo South area.

In this way, everyone who lives on the territory of Bulgaria or works abroad will be able to take advantage of the preferential crediting terms.

That gives an opportunity for investing, be it via own personal resources or via a credit, in a stable property which is located in a fast developing and prosperous area of Burgas, as well as in close proximity to the sea.

Regardless of the financing option chosen, flexible payment schemes, tailored to the respective construction stages are applied.

In the initial stage of the purchase, “Atlantis Bulgaria Holding” negotiates preferential terms for granting financial help from DSK Bank, if the client himself covers 30% of the chosen property’s selling price.

When negotiating the repayment plans and the percentage of interest for specific properties, there is also a possibility to include additional clauses for the clients’ convenience – renegotiations of the terms in favor of the buyer.  

For additional information, questions or requests in relation to the terms of being granted a credit for purchasing a property in Sarafovo South, you can contact our consultants:

Telephone: 0876 112 222; 0700 11 222