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A new office of Atlantis Bulgaria Holding in complex Las Brisas


Dear friends,

This summer we at Atlantis Bulgaria Holding have opened a new office located on Manastirska Street, next to the alley leading to Atlantis Beach.

The opening of the new Atlantis office is a sure way for us to get more people introduced with our active projects, vacant apartments and houses.

We firmly believe that one must live in harmony with nature.

That is why we incorporate these elements into our projects in the form of energy-efficient details in our buildings. As a good example, we can give our irrigation systems in Residence Park and Atlantis Atmospere, where rainwater is collected in a tank that then waters the adjacent green areas of the complex. In our recent projects, we also have charging stations for electric vehicles.

We are also committed to maintaining the relationship between man and nature when we provide our future apartment owners with a green space in the form of private yards, common park spaces, and we have tried to keep all the perennial trees in the places where we work.

Maintaining human health and spirit also enters our goals, creating fitness, relaxation, yoga, and playgrounds.

We strive to provide people with what they need most in this fast-paced life that most of our customers are leading.

We tried to create and develop a place for relaxation, but at the same time, we take advantage of the potential of the area because Sarafovo South offers advantages that have no precedent. The neighbourhood is part of the city of Burgas, but it is also remote enough to enjoy clean air and quiet environment. There is access to a sea where our projects are no more than 300 meters away. There are a built-in road network and internal infrastructure with shops, restaurants, post office, doctor's offices, hotels and other entertainment.

We will be happy to visit us on the spot and explore where we create and offer, not just an investment, but a home.

The office in Google Maps