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 Atlantis Bulgaria with remarkable presentation at the fair in Plovdiv


During the consecutive edition of the International Technical Fair in Plovdiv, thousands of visitors remained strongly intrigued and impressed by the presented by Atlantis Bulgaria Holding modern residential complexes. The fair was held from 25 to 30 September 2017, and became the host of hundreds Bulgarian and foreign companies. At the exposition the Holding showed its new Project called Atlantis Atmosphere. The Company did not betray its style preparing a modern stand full of pleasant surprises. Through technology of the latest generation, the stand of Atlantis managed to attract the attention of the enormous audience of the fair and again emphasized its innovation amongst the admirers of the high technologies and the modern architectural design.

If you had possibility to visit this year edition of the fair in Plovdiv, you for sure managed to steal a glance through the glasses for virtual reality, seeing details from the Project of Atlantis Atmosphere. The Holding riveted the attention of a number of interested buyers of residences as well as investors from all over the world through the remarkable design and modern manifestation of the state-of-the-art function and designation of space. The complex is located in the calm and most preferred for residence district of Burgas – Sarafovo SOUTH, which has modern infrastructure, clean air and beautiful countryside. This is namely the place where Atlantis Bulgaria builds up all its properties, as the location has exceptional characteristics which allow the Company to develop the contemporary idea of a modern and deprived of any stress homes.  

Atlantis Atmosphere is a project, which offers abundance of green areas and recreation places. The dynamics and the stress of our daily meetings and responsibilities, stimulates the longing of people for healthy and of full value recreation amongst the countryside at the end of the working day. In the security model, which the closed residential complex offers, Atlantis Atmosphere combines the modern social and family culture with the concept for a home beside the sea. The perfect harmony with the nature and the surrounding atmosphere reduce the adverse impact of the contaminated environment and the tension from the big city.  

The complex will be built up in the direct proximity of the sea and its inhabitants will have the possibility to enjoy modern conditions and conveniences which will contribute for the favorable atmosphere. Their objective will be to facilitate the cohabitation and to create harmony in the community. The spacious and multifunctional location of the premises intensify the feeling for more freedom and absence of tension. Wide terraces open a relaxing view to a birth copse and rich in greenery common areas. Following the model for a new generation of a residential complex, which focuses onto the improvement of the mental and physical health of human beings, Atlantis Atmosphere accentuates on the details in the exterior and the associated facilities in the immediate proximity. A beautiful garden design combines designated zones for yoga and sports in the open air, fitness and aerobics, as well as secluded places for relaxation, which could create the needed toning and charging atmosphere for its inhabitants. The favorable climatic conditions of the area predispose to practicing a multitude of sports in the open air almost all year round.  

 With innovative design and creative solutions, the properties of Atlantis Bulgaria Holding represent an aggregate of the genuine beauty of nature and creative work of modern architecture. Except with its enchanting life atmosphere, it is important that the Company should continue the construction of residential projects of quality which should increase the level of investments in Bulgaria in a more large-scale and long-term plan.