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The construction of the unique residential complex Residence Park in Burgas got underway


Atlantis Holding Bulgaria transforms the infrastructure of Sarafovo South

In Burgas got underway the construction of the unique residential park Atlantis Residence Park. The project is unique for the whole region and will completely change the vision of the modern life in the city. The first sod was made by the Construction Director Julian Panev, Chief Arch. Assen Ignatov and Arch. Milica Petrova – Interior Designer.

The concept of the complex is inspired by the standard of living in the big cities. Growth and massive urbanization completely changed their vision, and thus the needs of their residents. In the central areas and their adjacent complexes became increasingly difficult to find parking places, green areas, calm recreation areas or children’s playgrounds. Noise, tension and increasingly polluted environment are factors that shift the areas for full and calm living outside the center of the city. For this reason, people prefer to live in gated communities that provide them with the necessary conditions for relaxation, comfort and security.

"In Bulgaria this trend was already realized for the first time in Sofia and Plovdiv. Over the past 10 years there began the process of shifting the living areas to the periphery of the city, close to the mountain. People prefer to buy homes in these calmer areas where they can be close to the nature and to be able to rest completely from the busy life", said Arch. Assen Ignatov, Chief Designer of the Residence Park.

As a rapidly developing area, Burgas also began acquiring the features of large cities, and thus expanding its borders. 3 directions of development are clearly expressed - Meden Rudnik, Vetren and Sarafovo. The first two move the residents away from the sea, while Sarafovo is located on the beach itself. That's why Atlantis Bulgaria chooses to develop its activities right there, creating "a district in the region" - Sarafovo South. There is located also the new gated complex Residence Park.

"Our main mission is by this project to impose a new standard of living. Now, the concept of living in a private residential complex with private parking spaces is something innovative for the city. We wish soon this to become something usual that people to request from the builders when buying a house or apartment. That’s why the prices at which we sell our homes are extremely affordable - € 474 per sq.m. It is important to note that there is no maintenance fee. It is time for people to understand that this lifestyle is not a luxury, but something that they deserve", said Julian Panev - the construction director of Residence Park.

Residence Park is being built on an area of 9500 sq.m, where 60% of the space belong to green areas covered by perennial and new vegetation. They are divided into 7 park areas such as areas for relaxation of the whole family with benches and gazebos, picnic area, children’s playground, area for sport and relaxation and area with a chess relief. Thanks to them, in practice, the residents of the complex will dispose of its own park.

"We will create a home life outside the four walls. This way of living is much healthier, social and natural. Each apartment is designed so that overlooks the park, almost all homes face south to the sea. We turned special attention to the families with children. Thanks to the controlled access parents will not worry about the safety of their kids, and they themselves will be able to play calmly with their peers", said Arch. Milica Petrova, one of the designers of Residence Park.

Residence Park is not the first project of Atlantis Bulgaria Holding, which carries the green idea. The company imposed an overall new model of construction by building not any individual buildings, but a whole new residential area, created for its inhabitants, namely, Sarafovo South Quarter. Its name was not chosen by chance, as this is one of the few places in Bulgaria where the beach faces south.

In recent years the company has intensively invested in the creation of comprehensive infrastructure and its maintenance. By our own funds Atlantis built the water supply and drainage system, sidewalks and street lighting of the area. Together with other local businesses was built also a new street leading to the beach. The Holding was also engaged in the cultivation of slope adjacent to the beach and the large walkway to it. The company takes care for the waste transportation from Sarafovo South Quarter. Interesting and already realized idea is the planting of the orchard in the city.

One of the major projects which will be realized with the help of Atlantis Bulgaria Holding is the reconstruction of the Angel Dimitrov Street in the area north of Lazurna Street. Besides the complete asphalting, it includes two new bus stops and a turning place. The design amounts to more than BGN 30,000 and was already donated to the Burgas Municipality, so it is expected its implementation to begin by the end of 2016.