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Clean air and incredible nature in Sarafovo South


The area of Sarafovo South is charming, growing in harmony with nature and modern lifestyle. The urbanization and development of the residential area is a priority and active work is being carried out on this project. The situation of the buildings among trees, alleys with flowers, a number of spaces for recreation and separate areas for games and sports, predispose people to complete rest, calmness and cleanliness, away from city noise.

The preservation of the cleanliness of nature in the area is one of the most important priorities in the implementation of each new project of Atlantis Holding. Waste transportation in the area was a serious problem. The management of the complexes had taken this initiative fully under its own control and transported household waste from Atlantis Las Brisas, Santa Kruz, Atlantis Homes I и Atlantis Homes II.

The collection and transport of household waste was optimized this season in the area of Sarafovo South. This is an important factor for the overall maintenance of cleanliness in the complexes and between surrounding spaces. The required number of containers have been provided. Transport of waste is daily during the summer season due to the increased flow of people in the area.

The development of Sarafovo South area takes up important positions in the prosperity of the town of Burgas. The area gained immense popularity due to its geographical location and the idea of a complete life among the clean green areas. The projects keep developing and their implementation opens possibilities for living in an environment, different from the urban one. The adequate attitude and waste management is in the foundation of the cleanliness of the urban environment. The timely collection and disposal of waste contributes to cleaner air and keeping the environment clean.