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The modern style of life by the sea


A new residential area with a different concept and lifestyle is being built metres away from the sea coast. Atlantis Holding is an innovator in the selection of locations with natural resources, suitable for the construction of gated communities. While urbanizing the area around the buildings, they form as calm areas for recreation and relaxation. All this is far away from the noise and busy daily life of the big city, with well-developed infrastructure networks and a number of possibilities for development and prosperity.

Residence Park is an excellent symbiosis of modern architecture and preserved natural environment. Separate parking spaces, children's playgrounds, places for recreation, walking and sports are a chance for you to see your daily life from a different perspective, while indulging in peace and quiet after the working day, in touch with the natural resources of the area.

The design of innovative gated communities, through which the concept of the lifestyle shifts to secure housing with personal park spaces, more green spaces and opportunities for development of adolescents in an environment favourable for them, is a trend for the town of Burgas.

Improved infrastructure in the area

The transformed infrastructure of Sarafovo South includes the construction of new pavements, road pavement and street lighting, which are already a fact. Atlantis Holding implemented the project for construction of a new water supply pipeline and sewer system for the area and also took part in the asphalting of the new street, leading to the beach. Besides the overall asphalting, two new bus stops are already a fact, one of which is situated right in front of the buildings of Residence Park. This facilitates the access to the complex of all families with children and their smooth transport by road or by public transport, the roundabout of which is immediately after Residence Park.