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Why sunlight is important in our lives?


 слънчевата светлина

Light and space at home - the purpose of every interior design

Do you wonder why people prefer bright spaces?

The answer is surprisingly simple, specifically, light in its essence means life. Since antiquity, it has been assumed that shadow lies in bad and unknown, while the light shines, warms and brings security. Electricity has been created to bring daylight to our homes when it is dark, and to make people's daily lives easier by providing them with basic amenities. Man needs light not only during days, but also at nights.

"Bright and spacious" are the words that nowadays can sell all property- from real estate to a simple hotel room. If we encounter photos of a bright flat or a high-ceilinged room, French windows, showcase style, ecru furniture and daylight lighting every corner, we would prefer them to a dark place with low ceilings, narrow spaces and small windows. It is common to choose a flat or a hotel room, which look bright, spacious and welcoming. This decision may even be taken entirely emotionally, without specifying a certain reason for the choice.

Why do we prefer and choose sunny flats and specifically bright places?

Light is also about determining how atmospheric a place is, regardless of its appearance. But let's not confuse the atmosphere with coziness, because if we think about it, even in our own view, "cozy" is something small, huddled and not always very bright, but atmospheric means a lighted and breathing place

In architecture

To be objective, we will give an example of the architectural features in different parts of Europe. In the South, for example, most houses and flats are literally "wrapped" with awnings and sunshades, as the sun is relentlessly strong most times. Yes, people are escaping from the heat brought from the sun, but not from its light. The colours of the buildings are 90% in bright tones so they do not attract the sun, but to reflect its light, and the terraces are preferably large and spacious. How often do you see people drinking their coffee in a dark corner of the property, while it is much more enjoyable on the balcony or terrace.

In her book "Harmony in the Home and Life" Maureen K. Calamia, defines the bright space as a restorative and nourishing the organism. Such a place inspires us and must combine natural elements that give us a stronger, deeper connection with nature and provide real balance, peace and joy in our lives. There are clear, practical ways of creating a home that can improve our well-being and surely it is important in this home, to welcome light.

Sunlight and the human body

Health-care institutions such as Harvard Medical School and the American National Health Institute (*1) have come to conclusion that sunlight makes us feel better physically and mentally. Time spent in moderate sun is actually good for your mind, so you can assume the same applies to the time spent in a sunny flat.

According to, the hormone serotonin, which helps us feel happy, satisfied and relaxed is activated when the sunlight passes through our eyes. Light is absorbed by a special area in the retina that triggers the release of this positive hormone.

In addition, according to the Mayo Clinic, the lack of sunlight, even for only a few days, may lead to a mild depression, known as Seasonal affective disorder (SAD). The most secure prevention of SAD is surely staying in bright spaces and more frequent exposure to sunlight. In addition to preventing depressive disorders and Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), exposure to sunlight can be part of the treatment.

Most of us are probably aware of the fact that exposure to UV radiation in sunshine helps our skin generate vitamin D, which is important for building healthy bones, and here is why the main treatment for arthritis is the regular contact with the sun.

An interesting fact is that in some cases light can cure skin diseases. In relation to this- the World Health Organization affirms that exposure to sun can actually help improve conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, jaundice and acne in certain people.

Our energy and the desire to move are also associated with light. The motivation to move, to exercise and to walk is increased in good weather outside. The desire to go out and move increases, but when it rains or the weather is grim we prefer to stay at home.

It is clear that the sun and light are good for our bodies and minds, but where is the border?

Studies on a healthy dose of sunlight are controversial, but it is certain that about two hours a day outdoors, even in the winter months are healthy and affect better mood and self-esteem. Health organizations say that about 30-minute exposure to sunlight should be enough to get the necessary vitamin D and E and to activate the production of serotonin in our bodies.

Another interesting example is given by the studies in the book by Nobel laureate Kahneman - „Thinking“, by Professors David Shkade and Daniel Kahneman, who specialize in the psychology of judgment. According to them, people living in the middle states of North America are several times more dissatisfied and unhappy than those living on the west coast, for example, in California. The citizens of California name themselves as the happiest and most smiling in all America. A trend in developed countries is at a later stage in your life to move somewhere with a softer and warmer climate.

According to the information provided, if you experience symptoms of bone pain, it is difficult to concentrate and forget, your skin causes problems, your mood and energy are lowered, the best solution is to change your residence to a warm climate country or if this is not an option at least move to a bright flat.