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House by the sea with the interior design inspired by Sunrise


In these dark and cold days our thoughts return to the sunny days, and our gaze seeks the tranquility of the sea waves. Our desire is to escape from the hectic everyday life and immerse in relaxation and sea adventures. Who does not dream of a house on the beach? Waking up in the morning, the sun rays gently to caress our face, to breathe the coolness of the sea breeze, and the sound of the sea waves to create an unforgettable emotion in us.

You can not deny the magic of blue waves and long coastal walks that act so soothing and purifying on your senses. And what will be better, if we can bring that feeling to our home.

Inspired by the sunrise, the home interior design can create miracles. It creates a comfortable, relaxed and cozy atmosphere in a bright and cool Mediterranean style.

The first and most important thing to do if you want to recreate your home interior design on a marine theme is the right choice of colours and shades. Most houses by the sea are in bright blue or turquoise colours, but also coral and sand shades are used. These colours are the closest to the colour of blue waves and sand, so they are so desirable. Avoid cold and dark tones. The smart combination is important for achieving the desired effect and the overall home atmosphere.

Let's talk about the decorations and their influence on the Mediterranean style at home. Decorative elements are the finishing element in the interior design. They can be accented in a bright colour and with an interesting design solution or just slightly to unlock your overall concept. Use marine ornaments and paintings on the same theme. In the bathroom you can add a knit basket, and the sink put it on a wooden construction. For a bench in the yard you can use part of a fishing boat. A suitable decoration for the kitchen table is part of a rock, rapana or beautiful shell of a mussel. A great option to darken the rooms is by bamboo blinds. However, do not overdo the accessories, otherwise you risk clogging the room.

The furniture and the floor, which fits nicely into the marine interior design, are in aged white or wood colour. Their maintenance does not require much effort, which is extremely convenient and practical for a house you spend several months a year. Bet on simple bedspreads or those of gentle sea themes. Emphasize on the soothing elements, because the purpose of your stay in the house is to relax well.

Life by the sea is a life filled with happiness, tranquility and beauty. The interior design allows you to bring all the emotions brought to you by the blue waves. It will cost you little money, effort and many unforgettable memories from the experience.