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The place of art in interior design for the modern home


Artwork is the last step you have to go to have a perfect, cozy home. Artwork is much more than a painted canvas or an ancient sculpture. These are the objects that reveal the essence of the people living in this home. Therefore choosing the right form of art- wheather it is a painting, sculpture, ceramics or statue, is not an easy task.

First of all, choose a work that will appeal to you, think well about how it will fit in the interior and where it is best to place it.

The art created by heart and soul, not what we find in most stores, gives uniqueness to a home. Its right combination with the interior design of the room provides warmth, satisfaction and freshness.

Such works are found in galleries, exhibitions, art shops or antiques. You can always consult with a professional consultant who will provide you with quality service and help in making a decision.

A magnificent accent in the modern home is the sculptures that give style and class, the ceramics that bring warmth and coziness, and of course, the paintings that for many centuries adorn the walls.

The positioning of the artwork is an important part to which you should pay main attention. It is important for the pictures to be placed at the level of the eye. Plastics, sculptures and statues are so stylish and elegant that you can easily find their right place in the home or office. Large sculptures can be placed in one of the corners, while smaller sculptures can be placed on a cupboard or shelf. You can place a bust on your dressing table to arrange your jewelery. Ceramics create a pleasant mood in the home, but try to combine them well with the rest of the interior.

You will feel the place to put the works yourself, look carefully and better think out of the box. Colour and size are also essential.

Artworks the are too big put too much in the atmosphere- everything looks cluttered and unnatural, and vice versa, too small objects are lost in the large rooms. Moreover, the more colourful and prominent the artwork, lighter and more simple the interior should be.

The works of art that are positioned in our homes should not be just objects filling „empty holes“. They are the small details that give the premises a complete vision and bear a distinctive mark for the style and taste of the inhabitants. No matter if you add a picture, plastic art or ceramics in your home, you add a drop of freshness, harmony and beauty. Feel the art, rediscover yourselves!