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Become an expert in colour - transform your home


Colours have the ability to influence the human mentality. They help for a positive effect to feelings, moods and emotions. Colours have the power to optically expand or diminish premises, conceal imperfections or give the right accent. The right combination of colours ensures a pleasant and comfortable living and working environment.

The first step towards transforming the home is the right colour selection and their harmonious combination. In order to achieve balance, it is important that the perception of the tones not to irritate but to create coziness and warmth.

Important moments in choosing colour combinations

Colours are divided into two main groups: in the first are the white, black and all gray tones. This group of colours are called achromatic or colourless (neutral), distinguished by their lightness or brightness. The second group is of chromatic colours, and includes: red, orange, yellow, green, gray, violet, and so on. This colour group has qualities such as hue, saturation, and lightness. The lowest brightness have the yellow tones and the highest- dark blue ones. The effects they create are that saturated colours stand out and look closer to us, while the weaker ones seem to sink into the surroundings.

Through the psychological impact of colours on humans, we can divide them into "warm" (red, orange, yellow, and brown range) and "cold" (blue-purple and blue-green colours, linked to the colour of water and air).

Colours reveal a whole new world with its complicated impact and positive charge on human emotions. Besides the above, the colours are also divided into simple, like yellow, red and blue, and the complex- the orange range and the whole composition of the simple colours. Primary colour is obtained from one additional composite, obtained from the other two basic colours. Interestingly, extra colours have the ability to mutually enhance their saturation, but at the same time to oppose each other. The fact is that one and the same colour used in a different setting may seem completely different. This effect is called a simultaneous contrast of the colours. This is of significant importance for the interior and its impact on the overall concept of the premises.

The impact of colours on people

Transform your home using two or three colours that complement and harmonize with each other. If a person stays long in a room that is in one colour, he/she will gradually lose the ability of seeing the other extra colours. Each colour is perceived in an individual way and causes different emotional states in the person.

Warm colors provoke our emotions. They are suitable for rooms such as a kitchen, living room and dining room. Warm colours have an ideal application when we want to reduce the space optically.

Cold colours act soothingly on man's mentality. They stimulate thought processes and help for better concentration. They are suitable for bedrooms, offices or bathrooms. Use the cold colours when you want to zoom out space in the room.

You can use contrasting colours when positioning them against each other. One colour always has to dominate. For example, if you have blue and yellow motifs on the walls, you can choose the upholstered furniture in one of the two colours.

If you decide on several colours from one tone, you can be sure they will combine. These colours are called harmonic and fit perfectly. For harmony we can talk when choosing colour tones located in the large spaces of the colour circle. An example would be the combination of red with cold green, yellow with blue, orange with sky blue and others.

The choice of colours in the interior furnishings is not only about the impact that they bring, but also about the overall effect they will create. Colours make wonders with our perceptions and can successfully transform the living room into a place for entertainment, the bedroom in a relaxing and tranquil room, as well as an office in a room suitable for work and relaxed thinking. Colours are the way to express yourself, by recreating a wonderful atmosphere in your home and for your guests.