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Sarafovo Houses at Atlantis Homes III - luxurious and mesmerizing properties next to the sea


Properties Sarafovo houses ATLANTIS HOMES III - the newest diamonds on the South side of the Black sea

Properties Sarafovo - houses ATLANTIS HOMES III is the newest project of the construction-investment company Atlantis Bulgaria Holding. These houses in Sarafovo will guarantee to its owners an incredible luxury and stunning splendor just a step away from the sea.  

The residential complex Atlantis Homes III offers three independent one floor houses at Sarafovo, which will give a cosy family environment, guaranteeing a maximum seclusion from the dynamic and busy life of the city.

After the successful completion of Atlantis Homes I and Atlantis Homes II, the new houses at Sarafovo will demonstrate a unique design with clear lines, glass walls and sliding glass door for a maximum natural light, as well as a number of open spaces.

The houses in Sarafovo will have their own backyard, swimming pool and veranda. The properties in Burgas will be located just above Atlantis beach.

The location of the houses at Sarafovo South - just 50 meters from Atlantis Beach, reveals a stunning sea view and provides and easy access to the beach.

Houses at Sarafovo South – luxurious properties by the sea

The houses at Sarafovo South - Atlantis Homes III located just next to the sea will be a truly remarkable composition. They are designed with a sense of modern construction and will be architecturally designed in the aesthetics of contemporary Mediterranean style.

The interior space will be distinguished by absolute sophistication and perfection of design. It will be functionally distributed, providing the owners comfort and impressive luxury. A wonderful view will appear from the entrance of the houses in Sarafovo looking towards the entire yard, the swimming pool, the veranda and the huge living room.

The master bedroom also features a breathtaking view and will be equipped with a large wardrobe as well as a luxurious bathroom with a steam shower and a bathtub.

The high ceilings are specially designed to let the natural sunlight come in and the two additional bedrooms in the houses in Sarafovo South will be positioned near the entrance of the property and each of them will have its own bathroom.

The kitchen will be combined with a dining room and a family room, creating an open and wide space in which all the people who are living or are on a holiday in the houses Sarafovo will be able to have a comfortable and pleasant time.

These modern houses in Sarafovo are a true embodiment of the idea of a remarkable home and a sophisticated lifestyle by the sea, just ten minutes’ drive from the city center.

These are unique houses in Sarafovo South, offering privacy and luxury in one, and the beach is just a step away from the properties, which is like a dream come true.

Advantages of the area

The town houses in Sarafovo, located above the sea are an extremely preferred and sought after option because they are located in the fastest growing and prosperous quarter of Burgas.

Top location, well-built transport infrastructure and easy access to everything you need is a great advantage.

The houses in Sarafovo South in the Atlantis Homes III residential complex have a strategic location and from there you can easily reach all summer resorts on our Black Sea coast.

The houses in Sarafovo offer tranquility, clean air, real nature and the opportunity for a relaxing holiday away from the fast paced, noisy and polluted environment typical for the other areas of the city.

The exquisite comfort and luxurious life that the houses in Sarafovo offer you is a chance to own a truly unique home by the sea. This is a unique opportunity that has no conceptual equivalent on the property market.

Additional benefits of the life by the sea at the houses in Sarafovo South

Nothing compares to the luxury, privacy and comfort of the impressive houses in Sarafovo South. Their location which is just above the beach itself reveals a breathtaking view, and the fact that modern properties are surrounded by lots of natural greenery is truly amazing.

But what else do you expect to get besides a luxurious home offering all the modern amenities?

Here are 5 additional benefits of living by the sea in the luxury houses in Sarafovo South:

# The Crystal Clear Sea will meet you every morning and send you every night

The beautiful sea, beautiful sunrises and romantic sunsets - all this will be part of the everyday life in your own house in Sarafovo. This is definitely a great way to take advantage of every minute of your life, truly enjoying it.

# You will feel the fresh sea breeze

You will certainly spend most of your time outside, and the fresh sea breeze will definitely enchant you. There is no such feeling as the light aroma of the sea, which gently blends into the ideal moments of carefree relaxation.

# Provide yourself an incredible holiday in your own home

Luxurious, modern home with swimming pool and large yard, next to the beach - the houses in Sarafovo South are all you could wish for your dream holiday or year-round living. The developed infrastructure in the area is perfect for living, relaxation and tranquility.

# You will have the best views of the sea and the bay of Burgas

The horizon revealed by the houses in Sarafovo South is a view whose beauty cannot be forgotten. It will make you relax, dream and enjoy the beautiful beach and sea.

# You will guarantee yourself a maximum privacy

The houses in the Sarafovo South region are great for living, as their main advantage is their close proximity to the beach, the quiet surrounding area, and the proximity to the central part of the town. At the luxurious properties of Atlantis Homes III you will be able to enjoy your privacy and spend time with the loved ones without being disturbed. You will be able to blend in with the tranquility of the sea and nature, in the comfort of your amazing home.

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About Atlantis Bulgaria Holding - established builder of luxury houses and innovative residential complexes in Sarafovo South

Atlantis Bulgaria Holding is a company that follows its own innovative concept of modern construction and a healthy living environment. We have completed a number of successful projects, providing the dream home of many families.

Our closed seaside residential complexes are a new generation of architectural achievements that have become synonymous with quality and modern construction. Among them are the luxurious houses in Sarafovo South, including our latest project - Atlantis Homes III.

The properties and houses in Sarafovo are aimed at those who see the unique prospect of such an investment, whether it is the creation of a home in the long run, transforming the houses in Sarafovo into summer villas or their subsequent resale for profit.

The houses in Sarafovo are equivalent to prestige and class, which also determines their high living standard. The fact that they are located just above the sea and are in an area that is not affected by urbanization makes them extremely sought after properties for Burgas and the region.

Our experience, competence and attention to detail has been inspired from professionals in the international market and the years of experience have established us as a trusted company that achieves excellence in its field.

This gives us the opportunity to offer you properties and houses in Sarafovo that are distinguished by their exclusive qualities.

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The perfect in both architectural and functional sense Atlantis Homes III are houses in Sarafovo inspired by the idea of a modern and luxurious home next to the seashore. The panoramic view of the sea will bring you daily enjoyment, whether you are going to use the houses in Sarafovo for a vacation or you will live in one of them all year round.

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You can also visit us in one of our offices:

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