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Apartments for sale in Burgas – find your new home with us!


You can find apartments for sale in Burgas in the beautiful area of Sarafovo South, which, despite its close proximity to the central part of the city, has not been negatively impacted by the urbanization process, overbuilding and pollution.

This is the place where you can enjoy the sea and well-maintained beach, nature, stunning views, a number of activities and comforts and at the same time to feel the peacefulness and the safety of your modern home.

The closed-type complexes Atlantis Burgas in Sarafovo South, part of which is also Atlantis Atmosphere, successfully combine liveliness with secluded and relaxed atmosphere.

This encourages the forming of a thriving living environment for people from all ages.

In the residential closed-type complex Atlantis Atmosphere a property could be bought directly from the builder Atlantis Bulgaria Holding.


To be just a few steps away from the beach – this is a dream come true!

Atlantis beach” is expanded and benefits from amenities, which are suited to the needs of the residents of the complexes and their guests. During the summer season, there is a beach life guard ensuring the safety of the people on the beach.

A few meters away from the beach there is a supermarket, a charming coffee shop, a modern bar offering refreshing beverages and a restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere and an excellent cuisine.

The Port

A one off a kind fishermen port is located just a few minutes away from the closed-type complexes in Sarafovo South. It is a pleasant and romantic place for a stroll where you could also buy freshly caught fish.

Bicycle alley

The construction process of the bicycle alley, which will connect the Sarafovo district with Burgas’s sea garden, is still in progress. Besides doing sports and enjoying the views, you could also have a stroll or relax in some of the secluded beaches in this area.

Excellent location

Located only minutes away from the center of Burgas, Sarafovo South is a unique place.

The closed-type complexes are located just a few kilometers away from Pomorie, Nesebar and Sunny beach, while the center of Sarafovo is just meters away from them.

The accessibility to all those places makes the region an ideal starting point for trips and excursions.

A healthy living environment

Sarafovo South is full of positive energy compared to the fast-paced life in the noisy and polluted city.

The design, development and enrichment of the residential complexes in it includes a number of options for a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Atlantis’s residential complexes in Sarafovo create the perfect conditions to nourish the body and the soul. The life here will shift your views on personal growth and lifestyle.

The residential complex’s life is a unique and transforming experience that gives the chance to feel free, physically active, energetic and relaxed, or said with one word – happiness!

The green areas play a key part in this. On the territory of the newly build residential complex Atlantis Atmosphere there are a lot of green areas including a pine forest, vast, beautifully designed gardens, parks and colorful alleys. Zones for a wide variety of sporting activities, such as aerobic, yoga and fitness, as well as relaxation zones, will also be built.

Activities for the kids

Your kids will forget what it is like to feel bored or to be staring at their mobile devices the entire day. The residential complex Atlantis Atmosphere offers a variety of options for individual and group activities.

There are specially designated playground areas, as well as zones for games, sports and relaxation. In this way the kids are presented with a number of intriguing and interesting alternatives for fun outdoor activities.

The key elements for a happy life

The key pillars of building a complete and happy life are: family, home and being connected with nature.

They are the essential characteristics, which, in the long term, make us happy, improve our life and keeps us healthy.

The closed-type complexes in Sarafovo South rely on this ideology, aiming to provide each family with the safe, eco-friendly and modern home of their dreams.

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