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The magic fragrances for home during the cold months


Winter is the season of change - comfort and warmth appeal to all who need rest and a desire to experience a blessed sense of peace in their home. Each season has its own magic scents that cause positive feelings for every person. Winter comes with the smell of firewood, and the scent of freshly baked sweets, but the most impressive smell comes from freshly cut pine.

Which is the most impressive aroma in the cold months?

The aromas that accompany the winter are some of the best of the year. There is cleanness and freshness in the air. Aromas of baked pumpkin and a hot beverage with cinnamon are spread around the home. This picture remains in your senses, and reminds you of nostalgia for them throughout the year. Going through the aromatic traces in our home, in this article we will not pay special attention to the "delicious" fragrances brought from the kitchen. In the following lines we will reveal the forgotten fragrance of the past winter and the aromas that bring mood and freshness.

Pleasant smells increase our tone and energy. The fragrance of our home stimulates the creative processes in the mind and keeps depression away, when sunny days are just a few. You can bet as a flavour for air, aromatic candles or sticks, with the smell of lavender, eucalyptus, lime or pine. If you choose candles or sticks, you will introduce romance and relaxed atmosphere permanently in your home. However, if you wish your home to smell pleasantly and relaxingly, it is preferable to achieve it with natural products such as essential oils and resins.

Essential oils and resins cause magical vibrations in the home

In the following lines we will mention about rich aromas of mythology and a centuries-old tradition of their

• The essential oil from resin has an energizing effect. It is used in the ancient world to purify and illuminate space. Put a few crystals of the essential oil on hot charcoal or put a few drops of it on a cotton ball by decorating it in a suitable container. The generous aroma will create a relaxed atmosphere and a positive feeling.
• The essential oil of myrtle, like incense, has a long history of using it in spiritual practice. Take it to your home and purify your senses.

 • The essential oil of black spruce. The feeling is as if the forest has entered your home and achieved incredible healing for your mind, body, and spirit. The fragrance is used in aromatherapy as relaxing, restoring, strengthening the senses. Black spruce is magic and brings bliss to those who use it.
 • The essential oil of coniferous fir. As an old tradition, when winter begins, the home is decorated with twigs of evergreen shrubs. The aroma of a fir tree has an incredible impressive power, and it creates a sense of comfort and desire to share the festive moments with the loved ones.
 • The essential oil of sweet orange. The aromas of citrus fruits during the cold months at home are common. There is almost anyone who does not like the taste and aroma of orange, tangerine, pomelo, kiwi and pineapple. The richness of fruit will give you the desired aroma of sweet memories in front of the fireplace.
 • Spices' aromas such as cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla, cocoa, ginger bring the spirit of winter. When it smells good, the atmosphere and quality of life in the home is getting more fulfilling.

Choose fragrances that make you remember good moments or dream of new ones. The cold months are mainly associated with the aroma of citruses, herbs and pine forest. The magical powers of aromas make your home warm and enjoyable. They will raise your mood and increase your well-being. In addition, thanks to them you will get rid of apathy and lack of concentration. Choose a scent that does not irritate your senses. Let it be light and unobtrusive, and if you choose the aromatic sticks to achieve an odorous effect, it is good that the stick is not lit for more than two minutes. To the healing aromas that fight colds in the cold months, we can consider the peppermint, rosemary, tea tree, patchouli, lavender and cypress. The aroma of chamomile has a soothing effect, and has antibacterial properties, and this is why it takes a significant place in the list of the most magical scents.