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Thermal insulation of the buildings at Residence Park and Atlantis Atmosphere


Thermal bridges – the weakness of the thermal insulation

The thermal bridges are a weakness in an insulation’s structure. They allow the heat to pass through the walls significantly faster in comparison to walls with precisely applied thermal insulation.

The thermal bridges are formed on the building’s envelope as a result of:

  • using poor quality insulating materials;
  • there being a break in the insulation;
  • the insulation itself being structurally thinner;
  • the system is installed unprofessionally;

What happens later on is a constant circulation of cold and warm air inside the room, which creates an extreme discomfort and an unpleasant, cool environment.

The thermal bridges significantly increase the loss of electricity related with the heating of the space, especially when the outside temperature is lower.

The good insulation is depending directly on the professional competence of the designer and the builders.

If the building is well insulated, then the thermal bridges are kept to a minimum or fully eliminated. The poor insulation could be a reason for huge heat losses, forming condensation and even structural changes along the building such as cracks.

In summary, the main negativities when it comes to thermal bridges are:

  • Additional power consumption;
  • Formation of mold and condensation;
  • Discomforting feeling of cold
  • Shorter exploitation life of the property

Efficiency of the thermal insulation of the buildings at Sarafovo South

To avoid the heat loss resulting from the thermal bridges, when the building is still in the planning stage, a plan - based on research, analyses and calculations for the best insulation solutions is created.

What makes the thermal insulation in our residential complexes different to the others is the high-quality materials which are used. They are characterized by first class characteristics which bring a great number of benefits.

The high-quality construction of the buildings at Sarafovo South is of paramount importance to us. Each one of our projects is defined by the idea of using only modern and ecologically friendly materials, tailored to the individual architecture features of the building.

For this purpose, experts from the company make visits to leading construction fairs in Europe where they gain knowledge about the current trends in the construction industry.

Have a look at: “Atlantis Bulgaria Holding: visited a world’s leading trade fair of architecture, materials and systems – BAU 2019

Thermal insulation solutions used in residential complex Residence Park

A high quality thermal insulation from EPS* is chosen for the residential complex “Residence Park”, with its thickness being of 10sm (for comparison the standard thermal insulation is between 3 and 7 sm thick) on the facades of the buildings, except the north part of the facade, where the thickness is 15 sm. This allows the best possible energy efficiency of the buildings to be achieved.

A XPS** thermal insulation is applied on the roof and the terraces with insulation coating in order to avoid the appearance of thermal bridges in the construction of the building. That prevents the appearance of condensation in the properties, guaranteeing top of the line insulation properties of the finished project.

*EPS (expanded Polystyrene foam or Styrofoam) is an organic artificial material with micropores. 95% from its volume consists of air, which is closed by the grid of the polymer into concentric spheres.

EPS is a thermal insulation material, that has proven its qualities over time, making it significant for every modern construction.  EPS is characterized by extremely good thermal insulation properties and characteristics. It provides excellent strength, waterproofing, flame-resistance and vapor permeability.

**XPS (extruded polystyrene) – these are thermal insulation boards which are extremely effective and provide guaranteed lower heating costs during the winter months, as well as cooling during the summer.

They are a modern thermal insulation solution which can be used even in the areas with unstable and extreme atmospheric conditions. Their structure is the prerequisite for their high quality.

Thermal insulation solutions used in the residential complex Atlantis Atmosphere

At the current stage of the project, building “B” is equipped with 10 cm outdoor thermal insulation type EPS and XPS by pre-approved leading brands in the manufacturing and supplying of thermal insulation materials – Baumit and Fibran.

All the components that are used have extremely effective thermal insulation indicators which come as a result of the innovative achievements of the modern construction. A silicone plaster is applied onto the insulation which, besides giving the buildings beautiful and aesthetic finish, also has the ability to repel water and boasts excellent vapor permeability, elasticity and antistatic characteristics.

HPL ventilated facade Fundermax Gmbh

The Austrian company FunderMax GmbH is a leader in the production of high quality HP compact laminated panels and also has established leading positions in the supply of materials for the installation of ventilated curtain-type wall facades.

HPL ventilated façade Fundermax of the buildings at “Atlantis Atmosphere” gives a number of benefits, such as:

- Excellent thermal insulation.

- Noise and sound insulation.

- Excellent water resistance.

- Shielding the building from the harmful effects of the environment.

- Resistance to UV rays, hail, acid rain and others.

- Protection against condensation.

- Frost resistance.

- Creating a pleasant microclimate in the premises of the building.

- Fire resistance.

- Scratch resistance.

- Easy maintenance.

- Meets all environmental standards and requirements.

- Guaranteed reliability and long exploitation life.

- Beautiful décor.

The high quality HPL panels are characterized with an exceptional durability, strength and perfect insulation properties for the façade of the building.

They are an innovative product with high levels of density, elasticity and resilience, which guarantees their durability, and, at the same time, gives the building a beautiful architectural design.

The integration of HPL panels ensures the most effective façade solutions for optimal protection and energy efficiency. The inside of the material consists of a multiple layer, which provide protection on both sides.

HPL panels have a core made of cellulose fibers, while the core of the material is covered with impregnated PVDF resin and high-quality Kraft paper which is pressed under high temperature and pressure. This leads to creating a material with exceptional strength and reliability even under constant environmental impact – dampness, water, ultraviolet rays and others.

The special formula preserves the color of the façade, while the efficiency of the thermal insulation layer is guaranteed.

HPL panels meet the international quality standards and are manufactured in accordance to the environmental requirements.

In conclusion

The construction of all the properties at the Sarafovo South area, among which is our current project – the closed type complex “Atlantis Atmosphere”, is a result of the modern trends in the industry, with a clear focus on the people and their connection to nature.

The applied materials are with high quality and of proven origin. After the laboratory tests, they show additional characteristics connected with the prevention of mold formation on them, even in a highly humid environment.

We apply current trends and models of construction, which eliminate the risk of creating thermal bridges, guaranteeing premium thermal insulation properties and a long exploitation life of all the buildings.

In this way we provide to our clients a healthy, secure and comfortable living environment where they will feel protected, peaceful and happy.

If you want to own a property next to the sea built with high quality materials and offering a wide variety of benefits for its residents, you can contact us on:

Telephone: 0876 112 222; 0700 11 222