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Investment plan for letting studios at Atlantis Resort


Stable investment in studios at Atlantis Resort

The business plan, which includes investment in properties located in a residential complex next to the sea Atlantis Resort, clearly sets the benefits of the investment plan, some of which are properties’ purchase and letting afterwards.

The return of investment and overall profits are much higher compared to depositing funds in the bank.

The outlined balance clearly sets out the high profitability of investing in a property in the residential complex, as well as the business plan’s benefits for the investor. Each studio in Atlantis Resort has an area of 43 m2, which means that it is significantly larger in size in comparison to a standard hotel room.  

All studios are suitable for different configurations connected with the design, style, functionality, comforts, number of guests and price.

They are the most sought-after property type with a letting purpose in the holiday complex, especially when it is about longer stays.

The high investment potential of the Atlantis Resort studios is also determined by a few key factors:

✔️ Modern architecture;

✔️ Excellent quality of the properties;

✔️ Attractive location;

✔️ Close proximity to the beach and the sea;

✔️ Additional amenities;

✔️ High demand;

✔️ Competitive prices.

For more information, our representatives are always on your disposal to set up a meeting where you can discuss everything that you are interested in.

Atlantis Resort – the perfect place for a holiday

Atlantis Resort is a holiday complex located in Sarafovo South, just a few meters away from the landscaped beach “Atlantis Beach”.

The close proximity to the sea and the stunning views of the Burgas bay bring a much needed sense of peacefulness, relaxation and beach emotions.

The beach curve of “Atlantis beach” is expanded, strengthened and landscaped. This is one of the few beaches in Bulgaria that are looking south.

The closed-type complex has 2 large swimming pools and a garden with plenty of green areas and flowers which are open for all the guests.

Atlantis Resort is a piece of heaven, which makes it the perfect place for a great holiday. Its charm hides into the balanced atmosphere of a relaxing tranquility, charming vision, modern amenities and the connection with nature.

All the above-mentioned benefits make it a desired place for a stay both from Bulgarians and foreigners. Here they find everything they could possibly need for a complete and satisfying rest, an indication of which is the fact that they always come back.

The additional amenities, which the guests of the residential complex can take advantage of:

  • Free parking;
  • Swimming pool;
  • Garden;
  • Gym;
  • Restaurant with a bar and a garden;
  • Free WI-FI;
  • Safe Box;
  • POS terminal;
  • Cash machine;
  • Rent-a-car;
  • Organized excursions.

Sarafovo South area

The place where the residential complex is build is not accidental.

Sarafovo South is a district of Burgas situated close enough to the city center and, at the same time, far enough so Atlantis Resort can provide its guests with the desired privacy, cosines, peacefulness and comfort.

This is an area which has not affected by the negatives of the urbanization processes during the years, and its development is an important factor for the environmentally friendly construction of a residential and holiday space.

There are separated extensive green areas, perfect cleanliness is maintained, and the air, being saturated with iodine vapor from the sea, is extremely fresh, invigorating and good for the health.

Sarafovo South is away from the noise, traffic and pollution of the city’s industrial zones, establishing a modern concept for a sea vacation.

This is the sunniest area of Burgas, which is officially named as the champion with the highest number of sunny days in the year.

The enriched and fast-growing area is located just a few kilometers away from the popular resorts – Pomorie, Nessebar and Sunny beach.

Inquiries and consultations

To find out more about the studio investment proposals at Atlantis Resort or in other properties of the construction company “Atlantis Bulgaria Holding”, our consultants will answer to all your questions made by phone, email or on the spot at one of our office locations:

Telephone: +359 876 112 222; 0700 11 222

Office Atlantis Resort complex

Burgas, Sarafovo district, 58A Angel Dimitrov str.

Opening times: Monday – Friday from 09:00 to 18:00; Saturday from 10:00 to 17:00

San Stefano office

Burgas, 97 San Stefano blvd

Opening times: Monday – Friday from 10:00 to 19:00

Телефон за връзка: +359 876 112 222