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Home office - valuable tips and useful recommendations


The home office offers a number of benefits such as: the ability to plan your own time, to save money on public transport, avoid expenses such as the rent of a working space, the comfort of your own home and many more.

Creating a successful home office environment requires setting up a space, which will boost the efficiency into this non-traditional workplace. We will offer you a couple of tips on how to turn your apartment into a professional working area for your business and how to find the right place to situate it.

Invest in a comfortable furniture

The best thing you can do in the beginning is to create a list of the main furniture you will need in order to set up the home office area. They could include: a compact desk, multi-functional worktable, a comfortable chair, a large library or anything else related to the specific to your work needs. It is advisable to already have a vision of where you will host your work meeting and how the chosen area will look like.

High quality furniture will be the best thing you can do for your home office. Feeling comfortable in your work environment will improve your mood and create a positive atmosphere, increasing your motivation and productivity.

You can choose a design that includes personalized office furniture. If your work business requires having meetings with clients, adding your company logo to the furniture will highlight your distinctiveness, professionalism and dedication to your work.  

In relation to that, the modern vision and the unique atmosphere in the closed-type complex “Atlantis Atmosphere” will without a doubt leave a pleasant feeling in the people who you have business relations with, impressing them with your prestige.  

Choose a quiet and peaceful place

It is best if your office is located in a quiet area with a high level of privacy. This is especially important in order to keep focused and work efficiently without being disturbed or influenced by other external factors, which could prevent the implementation of your work projects.

There is no better place for that than the district of Sarafovo South. Here you will find the necessary peacefulness and solitude, which are one of the main prerequisites for improving your work efficiency and concentration.

Furthermore, this is a great option to host meetings with clients, as they will without a doubt feel more comfortable in a relaxed and unpretentious office environment.

Use colors that encourage you to take specific actions

 That applies not only to the color layout of the walls of the whole room or as an accent on a specific wall but also to the selected space’s interior design as a whole. That includes the covers of the sofas, the curtains, the work equipment and others.

Choosing a color can dramatically change the overall look of the working environment. Carefully select the range of colors for your home office, depending on the energy, which you want the space to transmit.

The red and the yellow are preferable for more energized spaces. These colors can help you motivate yourself to achieve a certain goal or to stimulate your artistic side and physical activity.

Colors such as blue or green can boost your efficiency, spark deeper thoughts, and provide fast concentration. Palette with different shades of white, brown or grey shows responsibility and balanced life.

Make sure that the space gets enough natural light

Choose a place that gets lots of natural light – it is a great source of inspiration and can positively influence your well-being and mood.

All of the apartments in “Atlantis Atmosphere” are designed in a way that allows the sunlight to get into the space. This is a result of the modern architectural design with high ceilings, which brings more light, improves the ventilation in the apartment and creates a harmonious living and work environment.

These are all significant considerations and you will definitely appreciate their importance and positive influence during the working process.

Avoid the corner offices, because they block the natural light, which has a negative influence on your perceptions and overall tonus. Create a good balance between natural and artificial lighting. When it comes to choosing the type of lighting make sure that it will be efficient and environmentally friendly. This will definitely improve the work environment. The main purpose is to create a balanced lighting, which will not stress the eyes.

In case your work requires the use of a computer, then you need to make sure that the screen is positioned in such a way that the room lightning does not reflect on its surface.

Surround yourself with greenery

Studies show that the human brain works more effectively and it is more coordinated if it is surrounded by plants. In relation to that, we recommend you to place pots with different sized plants, which will help you relax, and at the same time concentrate on your work projects.

Alternatively, you can just pull the curtains or pick up the blinds – the closed-type complex Atlantis Atmosphere has taken care of everything for its inhabitants by providing more than 4000 sq m. of green areas with excellent landscape design in order to guarantee a healthy and eco work and living environment.

Add some accessories

Adding accessories will help you personalize your workspace and will bring satisfaction to the working routine. Beautiful painting, a piece of art or a well-designed company logo, situated on the right place can turn your home office into an interesting and lively business environment.

Do not forget about the little things

While working you will find yourself needing a few things, which people usually forget about but in fact they are very useful and it is great to have them available. These, for example are: a waste bin, organizers to store the documentation, planner, other stationary tools such as pens, pencils etc., professional literature and so on.

Value your time

We advise you to hang a clock on your wall or place one on the desk. It might look strange or mainstream, but the truth is that, when you have a home office, you can lose track of time very easily. It is a real pleasure to work from home however, you need to leave some time for rest as well – spend time with your close ones, go outside, enjoy the green area of “Atlantis Atmosphere”, have a chat with your neighbors – there are a number of things you can do during your free time, you just need to enjoy them.

In conclusion

The office without any doubt is a place where we spent a big part of our time, therefore the idea of turning your apartment into an office space is a great alternative for many.

It is important that your office is comfortable, well-furnished and, at the same time, functional so you can feel good and relaxed while working. Whether you have a big or a small space, there is always a way to create a pleasant work environment at home. Just try and you will see how surprised you will be by the amount of positive emotions and good energy that you can gain!

“Atlantis Atmosphere” – the perfect place to create a home and plan an office space!

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