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Apartments directly from construction company – you can rely on the developer Atlantis Bulgaria Holding to find your new home!


Buying an apartment is a very important decision, which is closely connected with its corresponding resources and time. How you will use that space afterwards is the leading consideration for most of the buyers, therefore the decision should be well thought-out based on your needs, wishes and funds.

In general, there are two options when it comes buying a property. You can either use a real estate agency service or purchase an apartment directly from the developer. Many people prefer the second option, especially when it comes to apartments in the city of Burgas.

Advantages when buying a property directly from the builder

Buying an apartment in the region of Burgas, directly from the developer has numerous benefits. Here are a few of them:

#1: Cheaper price when you buy property off-plan

When you’re buying an apartment whose construction hasn’t started yet or it is still in the process of implementation, then its price will be respectively cheaper.

These are standard market mechanisms, which determine the naturally higher price of the fully completed and built construction. Buying a property off-plan, directly from the builder is an extremely profitable investment in the different stages of the implementation of the specific project.

If this is your case, then what you need to pay attention to is the choice of a construction company. We advise you to find a reputable company with proven construction business experience, stable position in the business and already having successful completed project such as Atlantis Bulgaria Holding.

#2: Save money from intermediaries and commissions

Buying a property directly from the construction company is definitely a cost-effective decision. This is one of the visible benefits, as there are no agents or private individuals to take part in the deal and therefore, the commission cost will be immediately dropped out. This will save you around 5-6% from the costs.

#3: The lack of an intermediary makes the communication quicker and well-timed

The fact that you will have a direct contact with the builder means that the proposals of specific offers and the communication will be done much easier and without any complications. If a broker is also involved in the process, then most often you will use him to transmit information or to pass on your requests to the builder.

The agent however is engaged at the same time with other buyers of different properties, meaning the whole communication process will be longer, which can delay the purchase. Something that you will avoid if you choose the direct contact with the developer.

#4: Receive an up-to date and significantly more detailed information

It is difficult for the agent to have a detailed and in-depth knowledge of all the offered properties, especially when it comes to architectural elements and engineer specifics.

The direct communication with the builder does not only make the process quicker, but also gives the buyer an opportunity to get an up-to date and reliable information from the source, as well as a clear idea of the technical aspects, the materials which have been used and other similar questions that could be of interest.

#5: More options when it comes to choosing a property

When you are among one of the first buyers you have the unique chance to choose from all the listed properties. For example, you can take the property which you think has the best view, choose one of the two exclusive apartments with a backyard, and get exactly what you want.

#6: Solid investment

Buying an apartment directly from the developer in a fast-developing area such as Sarafovo South is an extremely valuable asset. Today’s price of this type of property is rising with every single day, with its increase in value in the long term being guaranteed. The increase is also determined by the stability and the leading positions of the construction company. This type of investment is definitely a cost-effective solution, independent of whether the property will be bought for a subsequent investment deal or for your own home.

#7: You have enough time to organize everything

Time is on your side – if you buy a property, in the construction stage directly from the developer, then you will have enough time to take care of your investment and to organize your move, once you have decided that this will be your new home.

Exclusive apartment with a backyard

Imagine that you have a spacious and beautiful apartment equipped with all the necessary amenities. It will be wonderful, won’t it? And now imagine that this apartment has its own private backyard – yes, only for you!

How will you react if you know that you do not have to dispose of unlimited resources for this to become a reality? The truth is that the luxury and comfort have never been so affordable!

Atlantis Atmosphere” offers you your own home in a state-of-the-art property, in an innovative and peaceful living environment, surrounded by green areas with the latest amenities, just a few steps away from the beach and, moreover, at an extremely affordable price.

See for yourself:

  1. Apartment with a backyard: 105.4 m2
  2. Apartment with a backyard: 145.15 m2

A construction company you can count on

Atlantis Bulgaria Holding is a leading construction company, with a large portfolio of successfully completed projects. The end of the construction project deadline has always been kept and the apartment owners have received their Act 16 in due time.

We have more than 25 years of experience in the industry, and our reputation is an example of impeccability. The loyalty to our clients is the reason why we have been leaders on the market for so long.

We never compromise the quality of the services or the mission to ensure the optimal living and work conditions for our clients.

We follow and apply all current trends on a global level in order to offer the best possible quality in the long run. We can say that we are innovators in Bulgaria when it comes to architectural-construction services.  

Over the past few years our focus was the development and the enrichment of the Sarafovo South area, turning it into the most modern residential area in the city of Burgas. Due to its many benefits, the region established itself and captured the interest of many young families who decided to live and enjoy their life exactly here.

The closed-type complexes which we design and successfully develop on the territory of the area are extremely attractive investment products which, in the long run, will continue to maintain the trend of increasing their market value.

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