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Automated watering system installed in the residential complex Residence Park


The large green spaces require sufficient amount of water in order to be kept in good shape. Due to this reason, a next generation automated watering system is installed on the territory of the residential complex Residence Park.

The water resource management is very important and provokes the design and installation of a fully functional watering system.

Its main aim is to save water and reduce the human factor in maintaining the large green areas.

The first-class system which we installed in the residential complex Residence Park enables a fully automated watering process.

What is the automation process?

Polypropylene manholes and multi-channel programming systems have been installed in all green parts. They could be set up depending on the needs and preferences.

The system allows to multiple rounds to be run in different times.

The modern drilling system for watering the greenery allows the rainy water to be gathered and carried through a specially installed sewerage. The water goes to an embedded reservoir with capacity of 27 m3.

The installed drilling system provides additional water supply to the territories. For this purpose, pumps are installed in a separate comportment, and are used to automatically fill the reservoir with water from the drilling system when it is not raining.  

The reservoir water is used only for watering. The whole process and mechanism is energy efficient, which is a key consideration in the environmentally friendly development plan of the area Sarafovo South.

Modern management mechanisms

The automated watering system could be switched on and off in predefined time intervals tailored based on the needs of each separate area in the residential complex.

This secures timely supply and complete control over the required amount of water. All the mechanisms, components and sensors of the system guarantee its efficient and flawless operation.

The rain systems are allocated to adjacent sectors, while the controllers set the required irrigation norm, as well as the time and the intervals in which the process should be done. This is determined by a number of factors such as the current season or the needs of each individual zone.

Drip irrigation

The system for overhead irrigation in the residential complex Residence Park consists of hoses equipped with special drippers. This balances the irrigation process and prevents the loss of water.

The drippers are a reflection of the most current trends and relate to the proper maintenance of the green areas.

We from “Atlantis Bulgaria Holding” actively apply a variety of advanced technologies in order to make living in the complex even more pleasant, making the life of the residents easier while following all the environmental standards for eco-friendly lifestyle.

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