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Current trends in interior for autumn-winter 2017


If you have decided to revive and renovate your home, as you did with your wardrobe, the moment is more than suitable. As we approach the cold months of the year, we want to spend more time with our families at home. Our home corner brings us relaxation, and it must be cozy and welcoming. If you do not have not had the time to look around your home in the summer, then now everything will make you an impression. Change is desirable and very easy. You do not need to do a major renovation of your home, just to get acquainted with the latest trends in interior design and recreate them in your home.

Modern trends in the winter season and how to use them in your home

It is not necessary to clutter the home with a variety of objects. Designers who follow the trend for an ultramodern furnishing, at first glance like a simple property but having the right accents. The accent can be found in the ceiling or on one of the walls. This breaks and revives the interior. This season's trend is the creation of whimsical wooden beams or floral motifs with interesting textures on ceilings.

Natural materials - leading in the interior

Regardless of the current trends, the furniture you choose to change in part of your home or simply decorate with something fresh and different, should be practical. Nature circumstances concern  more and more the modern look of life. Natural elements are an integral part of the interior of the home. Especially modern is cork. Quite neglected but extremely resistant material, used mainly for lining walls and flooring. Its sound-insulating and heat-insulating capabilities make it a great choice for your home. In addition, the cork will look great like a table or stool in your living room or dining room.

During the cold months, natural materials such as wood are essential. It brings tangible cosiness and recreates craving comfort in every home. The tree can revive any furniture or decoration. It is not necessary to process the wood in the correct form. The trend is to use it as raw material, which gives more freedom to experiment. Preferred and necessary, natural materials are distinguished by their beauty and ecology. They are successfully intertwined in modern design concepts.

The home should be not only modern, but also practical

The hits of contemporary furnishings are materials such as metal, glass and home textiles. The game of colours and blending of different styles rely on the need for clean materials usage. Terracotta tiles have returned in the coming year, and will keep their trend in the next. In their use, the classic white style is preferred. With respect to colour solutions, the blue-tones of the sea and the sky, dark gray, the dark shades of green, violet, coral, pink and bright yellow were a main and promising accent all throughout the 2017. And despite the trends, colours have to be chosen and combined nicely. Shades mimicking clay, wood, and stone are also preferred. Winter will improve the interior of your home through the darker, muted, pastel and warm shades. The neglected accents and furnishings in industrial style have excited the designers over the past year. They are mostly found in lighting fixtures.

It is cold, and we wish to stay as long as we can in the warmth and comfort of the bed. Upholstered beds are the perfect choice if you want to upgrade the bedroom. Velvet or plush trays will make a luxurious new bed from your one, which you are quite tired of. The autumn skillfully returned the patchwork fashion, especially in the covers and bedsheets. A real delight and bliss that suits both the modern and the traditional bedroom.

Successful accents in the interior of the season can also be the varied geometric shapes, mixing of opposite textures, bronze and brass in the form of accessories, furniture fittings and lighting fixtures.

Do not try to fit all the modern colours and materials. Make the changes that bring pleasure to your eyes and senses. The home should be alive and welcome in its embrace. If you prefer to have the details fixed, it is better to consult an expert.

Atlantis Atmosphere gives you everything you need for a harmonious life

The complex will surprise you and fascinate with its modern architecture, versatility and the ideal location of its dwellings, a rich vegetation environment and opportunities for sports, relaxation and health.

Atlantis Atmosphere is a project, created entirely for the benefit and focus on human health. The high ceilings, the spacious sunny rooms, the greenery all around the buildings, help and improve the quality of life. The large terraces separated from each other and overlooking the park will make it  destinctive. The elevators in the building will be panoramic, with a view of all green areas around the buildings.