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Spacious three-bedroom apartment for a large family at the “Atlantis Atmosphere” complex


The three-bedroom apartments at the “Atlantis Atmosphere” closed complex are an ideal option to create a home for families with children, as well as for the people who love to have a lot of room for them and their guests.

The Atmosphere project is a contemporary look at living in a comfortable green environment.  The complex encompasses the idea of an optimal and ecological living space, combined with luxurious properties, dream comforts and an astounding atmosphere.

The new complex is just a few steps away from the seashore

The Atlantis Atmosphere complex offers a combination of all the desired luxuries a modern family could dream of. No one really cares about the downtown anymore. It is more and more young families, who wish to breathe in the clean air, while enjoying their deserved rest, all the while providing a healthy life for their children.

This is the purpose of the new Atmosphere project, the construction of which will end this year.

Three bedroom apartment– big family or many guests?

The real estate coming with the three-bedroom apartments at the “Atlantis Atmosphere” varies between 145.15 m2 - 150.15 m2, which assures you will have the space required to enjoy your dream comfort. Your entire perception of space will change once you see all the advantages you gain at the complex. The high ceilings and the French windows create nothing but magnificence. You will enjoy the rich sunlight. And once you go out on the balcony, you will be mesmerised by the beauty of the green landscape between the separate buildings.

Budget – friendly estate – no, this is not a mirage!

For the region and the quality, we grant our customers, our prices are extremely affordable. This choice will be your change to a new life. We endeavoured greatly during the design, in order to have greatly functioning space in every apartment.  During the architectural development, we considered all needs and requirements, to be fitted by every individual room. The contemporary design and the architectural layout guarantee optimal comfort for each family member.

Additional advantages

The big flat is ideal both for taking a break, and for having fun.

Brace yourselves for a different life, one in which you enjoy every single day!

At your disposal we have available apartments, which could be configured with additional comforts, such as: commodious private yard, an unbelievable view of the sea, a dedicated room for shoes and clothes, storage room and other.

The oceanic balconies will charm you with a panoramic view, and the gorgeous seashore and the beach are just a few steps away from you.

The well-developed infrastructure of the region will allow you to feel at ease and will let you access effortlessly all sorts of leisure activities.

Why are we innovative at what we do?

“Atlantis Atmosphere” offers living space and environment from a new generation. All buildings are the result of a modern construction process following the latest and greatest architectural tendencies of interior design and functional space layouts.

✔️ Each step along the way of our projects is strictly monitored and controlled.

✔️ We adhere closely to the established European quality standards.

✔️ All of our partners are tried and true manufacturers and distributors.

✔️ We put in high quality materials, which guarantee the long lasting of all constructions, equipment and buildings.

✔️ We work with the very best construction entrepreneurs.

✔️ We actively invest in Sarafovo south and the surrounding region, which increases its investment value.

✔️ The things, that always stay on top are the interests and desires of our customers.

Make your inquiry for a three-bedroom apartment at the Atlantis Atmosphere right now:

Contact phone: +359 876 112 222 ; 0700 11 222.