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Burgas properties – the life you’ve always dreamt of is possible in Sarafovo South!


While searching for the ultimate and most suitable of all properties in Burgas, people usually spend a lot of time researching - browsing the web, visiting real estate agencies and looking for an advice from acquaintances. Most of the times this process can only confuse you, it won’t lead to the desired results, and you can miss a really good offer.

To help you make a good and informed decision tailored to all your needs and desires, we at Atlantis Bulgaria Holding have brought together the entire process of choosing and purchasing a suitable property. We give you the opportunity to get a detailed information about all the properties we offer, timely solutions and up-to-date offers. Our consultants are at your disposal to answer all the questions you might have. They will give you the right directions. In that way, you will save time and you will be able to find exactly what you need as quickly and efficiently as possible, at the best prices.

The Best offers and top deals

The properties in Sarafovo South, located just a few minutes away from the center of Burgas, suit the needs of every buyer. There are different type of apartments depending on the quadrature, space and price. What unites them is the fact that they all have a well-functional location and a number of facilities. The used materials have a proof of origin and are applied to the buildings and structures which could be associated with first class quality. The construction work done in the area. is an example of modern development. which guarantees the long life of the buildings and high energy efficiency.

The closed-type complexAtlantis Atmospherea modern lifestyle providing you safety, tranquility and a range of amenities/comforts. We offer you an exceptional luxury, in combination with spacious green areas, just a few meters away from the beach.

The high living standard  of Sarafovo South, cannot be compared to any other place in Bourgas and the region. Property prices are absolutely affordable and every offer is tailored to the needs and the available resources of each client.

The high living standard of Sarafovo South

An Exclusive offer

All the properties, offered by “Atlantis Atmosphere” are designed in a way which guarantees that you will get the very best. Our mission is to provide you with the home you have always wanted. The one which will meet all your needs, desires and demands. The living environment we create is an incredible opportunity for you and your family to live and grow in modern facilities, environmentally friendly environment and in a united community. The combination of modernism, innovation and an atmosphere of peace and comfort, will guarantees your prosperity and the achievement of true happiness.

“Atlantis Atmosphere” offers 2 exclusive properties on the territory of the residential complex, which are one of a kind for Burgas and its surrounding area:

1. Apartment with a backyard: 105.4 m2

  • 2 bedrooms
  • veranda
  • parking space

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2. Apartment with a backyard: 145.15 m2

  • 3 bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms
  • veranda

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You have the opportunity to enjoy peacefulness, solitude and privacy in your own backyard. There you will have the chance to spend your free time relaxing, playing games with the kids, doing sports or meeting your friends or family. The apartments are remarkably spacious, ultramodern, comfortable and functionally distributed.

These are all available at extremely affordable and attractive prices.

For information and questions

“Atlantis Atmosphere” gives you the opportunity to choose among the best properties and purchase an apartment which you can turn into your dream home!

Send your request now or call us for more information:

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