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Silicone plaster - properties and advantages


Features and application

The silicone plaster is distinguished by its antistatic and elastic properties. It is characterized by an extremely good vapour water permeability, the silicone plaster is washable and has a low tendency to contamination. This type of plaster has a universal application and a drying method based on the "inside out" model prevents moisture from sticking to the walls of the buildings. It is water-repellent and it's absolutely resistant to all kind of atmospheric influences.

All these unique properties make it the perfect plaster. Because of that, it is also used in the construction of  „Atlantis Atmosphere“ complex.

The silicone plaster is used as a protective coating of the buildings in the complex and through it is achieved a perfect aesthetic end of the facades. It's another advantage is easily maintenance.


Different quality of silicone plasters various occurs in the market. Typically, the silicone plasters are offered in ready-to-apply mixture, but what distinguishes one kind from other, is the bonding substance, which is made up of dispersions of polymer resins and emulsions of silicone resin. Because of the fact that they are related to a higher class, which defines their price, in many mixtures are used only hydrophobic additives and silicone oils. This means that the described plaster is with low quality and does not have the the necessary qualities. Their price is significantly lower, which is a corrective for their recognition.

We guarantee that we do not make compromise with quality of the materials we use in construction of our projects. The latest project Atlantis Atmosphere is designed only with high-tech silicone plaster of proven origin. We rely on constructing buildings that meet all standards. They are not only beautiful but also first class quality.

From a chemical point of view, the composition of silicone plaster is what determines it as an excellent water-repellent factor. The fact that every fourth oxygen atom in the silicone resin is replaced by an organic group compound is the reason why the plaster has excellent adhesion to the base on which it is applied and is perfectly bonded to it.


The silicone plaster combines the advantages of silicate and mineral plasters for the vapour permeability properties, as well as those of the polymeric plasters associated with their water-repellent properties. The difference is that silicone plaster dries physically. It is extremely quality and its application is a corrective for a high standard.

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