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"Atlantis Beach" in Sarafovo South - the beach from your dreams!


The owners who who have invested in real estate in Sarafovo South, have many advantages. One of them is the fact that their new home is located just a few meters from the sea.

"Atlantis Beach" is available for all homeowners in the area and guarantees them a unique experience during the warm months of the year.

"Atlantis Beach"

We made massive strengthening of the shoreline in the area. The beach is expanded to cover all needs of the residents, and guests in the area during the summer months.

Access to the beach is fast and easy - just a minutes away from the complex. To make your stay at the beach even more enjoyable, we provide you sun umbrellas and lounge chairs.

The project of new infrastructure includes a specially built bicycle path, which is the best starting point for a cycling routh along the coastline, reaching the sea garden in Burgas.

You can also make a romantic walk to Port Sarafovo.

You can visit the largest free outdoor spa center with healing mud and lye, which is just a few minutes away from the complex and the beach.

Near Atlantis Beach are placed perfectly stocked supermarket, charming café and an exquisite restaurant. There are also bars where you can try different refreshing drinks.

Eternal vacation

Imagine that you are living in a place that eliminates the need of planning a vacation to enjoy your time in the warmer months of the year.

After work or at weekends, the beach in Sarafovo South is just a step away from you, and there is no need to conform with side factors.

This is so much more than a holiday, when your vacantion is planned between your casual responsibilities and defined budget and where your satisfaction is not guaranteed every time.

"Atlantis Atmosphere" is a long-term investment that provides you a peaceful place, high standard of living, and the unique opportunity or everyday easy access to the beach.

"Atlantis Beach" is the perfect place to relax and experience exciting beach emotions. No more crowded beaches and negative effects of overexploitation.

We provide you a private beach, which bring you the comfort of natural beauty and delicate privacy.

Useful iodine vapours

The sea air is filled with iodine vapors, which stimulates the metabolismof and blood circulation. They are source of healing effects for the human’s mind andbody.

The sea air of "Atlantis Beach" is rich not only at iodine, but also has elements, such as oxygen and magnesium.

They are a natural stimulant for the immune system and play huge role for the proper functionality of the lungs.

Turn your life into a beautiful fairytale and discover your new home by the sea in "Atlantis Atmosphere"!