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Innovative facade solutions for modern and stylish design


Facade solutions at "Atlantis Atmosphere" are the perfect way of counteracting the eventual negative weather conditions. They are also great precautionary measure against pollution.

The vision of each building turns into an architectural masterpiece that naturally embodies the beauty of the area. The innovative facade solutions are inspired by the current trends of modern and expedient construction.

They bring high emotional and physical value to the building, increasing their prestige.

Innovation for modern vision

For the facade of all buildings in "Atlantis Atmosphere", we use high-tech products that have unique qualities for perfect architectural design. Surfaces are unrivaled in elegance and seem to "come alive". The solutions that we apply are realy beautiful and modern way to give an attractive finish to the buildings.

The used materials are very solid and resistant. They have refractory properties and possess excellent insulation qualities. This makes them perfect choice for designing buildings with high energy efficiency. They are characterized by uncompromising strength and long lasting protection of the colour.


The main advantages of our facade solutions are determined by the innovative features of the used materials, which ensure a maximum beauty, strength and suitability of the buildings

The leading benefits are as it follows:

  • Perfect balance between weight and rigidity;
  • High strength;
  • Resilience to climate change and atmospheric influences;
  • Excellent UV features that allow colour and texture to be retained, regardless of direct exposure to sunlight;
  • Impervious to dirt and easy maintenance;
  • Fast installation and short time to complete the project;
  • Long-term operation warranty;
  • A friendly, elegant and contemporary vision of the buildings.

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