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Do you really hear noise from airplanes at the airport near Sarafovo?


Strategic noise map

Special strategic maps related to the environmental noise are developed for all agglomerations on the territory of the country. They are designed to completely reduce the noise in specific areas, where it is at higher than normal levels. For this purpose, plans are drafted and adequate solutions are implemented.

The members of the Municipal Council of Bourgas approved and updated the "Strategic map for the noise" of Bourgas agglomeration. It reflects the present state of the acoustic environment in Bourgas and Sarafovo. It describes the effectiveness of applied regulations and measures, taken to reduce noise in the adjacent areas. The map actively promotes a healthy acoustic environment in order to reduce and eliminate the noise in Sarafovo, in order to further increase the quality of life in the area.

Daily air traffic noise measurements taken a few years ago, indicated that the highest values of noise pollution are reported in the Bourgas's complexes "Izgrev", "Slaveykov" and "Zornitsa".

Latest reports about the level of noise distribution on the territory of Bourgas agglomeration, provides an opportunity to plan preliminary measures to isolate the noise, to develop a quiet and peaceful residential area in the Sarafovo South area, suitable for people who want to live in a quiet and peaceful area. The necessary conditions for a healthy and appropriate way of life have been created in Sarafovo South area by applying modern, integrated approaches for isolating and eliminating the potential noise coming from Bourgas Airport.

Analyzes and assessments of the noise load in Bourgas and the region for the last 5 years indicate that the main noise pollution is the intensive traffic and rail transport in the adjacent areas.

Special facilities and measures 

A soundproofing wall was designed and built between Bourgas Airport and Sarafovo, which successfully counteracts to the noise of taking-off and landing planes, including the noise from the vehicles passing thru. The size and shape of the new facilities are specifically tailored to the required acoustic efficiency and acceptable standards.

Noise protection on bridges

The soundproof wall with a total height of 4 m. and a length of 198 m. is located in place of the rails above the bridge. It consists of 2 main parts, the bottom is an absorption panel with a height of 100 cm., and the top is a transparent panel with a thickness of 15 mm. and a height of 300 cm.

A soundproof wall on the terrain along the roadway

The soundproof wall has a total height of 3 m. and a length of 1841 m. The facility is made of sound absorbing modular panels in two parts. The upper part is constructed of two panels with a total height of 200 cm., and the lower part consists of a concrete panel with a height of 100 cm.

A soundproof wall along the outlets to and from Sarafovo

The soundproofing wall has a total length of 441 mл and a height of 3 m.

The priject is implemented according to considered measures described in the "Capital Program" for 2018 of the Municipality of Bourgas.

Further changes have also bruoght to eliminating the noise from planes in Sarafovo area. A change was made to the trajectory of taking-off, passing above and landing routes. The new direction of the planes is designated in a direction of the section between the oil refinery and Bourgas. To minimize noisy emissions, a new final landing position has been defined, and maneuvering is carried out in a step-down process, which reduces engine power and noise. This leads to a noise level that is perfectly in line with the hygienic norm and, in practice, the aviation noise does not reach those living in the Sarafovo South region.

It is also important to note that Bourgas Airport is characterized by seasonal engagement and that 85% of all flights are performed only during the summer season or months from June to September with more frequent air traffic.

Оn the territory of Bourgas and Sarafovo are built special measuring terminals, which carry out continuous monitoring and control of the noise and in case of any deviation from the norms the appropriate measures are taken for its removal.

The owners of property in Sarafovo South, have the privilege of enjoying extra comfort, silence and privacy, provided by the top quality of high-tech constructions and materials used in the design and construction of all the properties in the complex.

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