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Flats in Sarafovo with yard, near the sea


The flats in Sarafovo South reveal you an opportunity to have your own property by the sea. Here you can find home that will give you a new perspective of living by having everything you want, including private yard and parking space.

Sarafovo South guarantees you a high standard of living with lots of amenities. This is a place, where the word "home" is an engine of every project so far.

Whether you enjoy your morning coffee, watch your kids playing or have a nice conversation with a loved one at sunset, everything you do in your apartment or yard, near the sea, will surely brings you true happiness and satisfaction every day.

You can get an amazing property near Bourgas center and all the resorts on the Southern Black Sea coast.

Lovely apartments with yard are situated in a quiet area where you can enjoy their personal activities without being disturbed by anything, just steps away from the sea.

Flats with yard by the sea in "Atlantis Atmosphere"

The architectural elements used in the design of the seafront flats with an yard in "Atlantis Atmosphere" have their own style and sensation.

The complex is constructed by modern building solutions and innovations. This creates perfect living space for your family.

Quiet, beautiful and spacious dwelling, with an amazing private yard, spectacular views and a sense of light breeze – what more can you wish for!

A private yard and common areas provides you and your family direct interaction with the nature.

The panoramic view of the sea, the bay and the city will bring a true sense of happiness, beauty and harmony.

Atlantis Beach is 100 meters away from you, so you have to makejust few steps from the front door to the sand and feel the relaxing energy of the sea.

You have the opportunity to literally "dive" into this one-of-a-kind offer.

All properties are located in secured, safe environment, close to modern facilities such as shops, restaurants and pharmacies.

Step towards to your dream home

No matter how nice it will be Your next vacation to a different destination, we guarantee you that you feel in your own apartment with garden, close to the sea, will be incomparably charming feeling and emotion.

Make your request for a property in "Atlantis Atmosphere" now:

tel: 0876 112 222; 0700 11 222