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What makes a property in gated complex so appealing?


Life in secured sea complexеs offers many advantages to its owners, such as safety, property quality, peace and a high standard of living. These are just some of the reasons that make gated complex a favorite place to create a new home for so many families.

"Atlantis Atmosphere" is a project that meets the those people, who are becoming more and more demanding and selective in choosing apartments in Bourgas. We greatly improve the standard of living by carefully analyzing all your needs and desires and applying a responsible approach to your opportunities. We do all that, because we realize how important is to choose a property that will become your future home.

We create comfortable living atmosphere for in secured sea complexеs, all of which are part of an innovative project for modern and healthy lifestyle.

Why more people choose to living in gated complexes near by the sea?

Security is undoubtedly an extremely important factor. When it comes to your safety and the one of the people you love, you can be sure that your home in „Atlantis Atmosphere“ is your fortress. This is a parameter that clearly marks the higher standard of living in gated complex, compared to all other places. The sense of security is very important prerequisite for a happy and peaceful life.

Privacy is very important reason why so many families prefer life in Sarafovo South. Here is forming community of people, who value and respect the privacy of others and no one can afford to violate it in any way.

Another positive aspect is the strongly expressed social element. The community formed in „Atlantis Atmosphere“ shares similar views in its perceptions of a modern and environmentally friendly way of life, that greatly brings together the people in the secure complex. By delicate way this turns them into friends, whose relationships rely on mutual respect and trust. 

Another positive aspect is that you forget about the traffic, the noise and dangers arising from it. You can walk around and chat with your neighbours, while your children play outside, without worrying about something that can happen to them. For this purpose are provided spacious green areas, charming sidewalks, beautiful flower gardens and special playgrounds for children play, sports, relaxation and pleasant conversations.

Many people in our modern society they want to live in modern homes, without, however, deprived of the opportunity to be surrounded by nature. The idea of „Atlantis Atmosphere“ is based on the symbiosis between these two factors. This ia a complete and enriching way of life, whish gives you everything at one place: contemporary amenities, peacefull atmosphere and fresh air, green areas and healthy environment at the same time.

The location of the complex is amazing. In „Atlantis Atmosphere“, the direct and easy access to the beach is not just a dream, but an appealing daily life. You only have to take a few steps to discover the incredible panoramic view of the sea. It is also strategically located, in just a minutes away from the city center and resorts like Pomorie, Nessebar and Sunny Beach.

Positive and important feature of our properties is their extremely high standard of quality. Our projects are built by strict rules for architectural integrity and contemporary design. Our construction activities are based on rules and norms, borrowed from the latest worldwide building trends. This significantly increases the future value of each property purchased in „Atlantis Atmosphere“.

If you are looking for a place to offer you safety, modern properties by the sea and high quality of life, do not hesitate to contact us and we will show you our selection of first-class properties in secure complexes by the sea.

The phrase: "Here dreams come true!" Is not an abstract concept in „Atlantis Atmosphere“, but a way of life.

For more information:

tel: 0876 112 222; 0700 11 222