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The most up-to-date architectural trends for the past year 2018


2018 is extremely exciting in terms of architectural design and innovation. The construction industry has developed a number of innovative technologies by introducing new materials and project options.

"Atlantis Bulgaria Holding" is a leading investor, construction and developer, that devotes time and resources in innovative technologies, advanced architectural and building solutions to create buildings and spaces that fully meet all standards of modern, comfortable and environmentally friendly living.

The „Atlantis Atmosphere“ project has been created with a lot of thought, attention and professionalism. Our mission is to offer you the best opportunities of purchaing the first class properties in Sarafovo, so you can find the home from your dreams.

Below, we will present you the best architectural trends that determine the year 2018.

High-tech materials

While traditional materials have dominated in the construction of buildings, nowadays the high-tech components has led to their successful application, as part of hybrid building mechanisms to achieve perfect architectural results.

High-tech building materials, used in architectural design and the construction of Atlantis Atmosphere, make structures more sustainable and environmentally friendly to ensure that you get the perfect home with premium quality, by sea.

New Construction Methods

Construction methods shift focus from standard building materials to new construction methods that combine different materials in a constructive approach, to offer extra value with unlimited solutions and capabilities.

New methods of construction encourage the use of materials that provide great dynamic and a longer life of the structures.

Intelligent Buildings

While the idea of intelligent buildings seemed to be a part of science fiction until recently, modern architecture already incorporates hi-tech modules to make this reality happen.

The use of wireless remote-heating technology, for example, smart lighting and common systems functionality, is now a leading topic in architectural design projects for modernizing building design. The rise of postmodernism continues to fuel the deployment of new technologies in building projects to achieve innovative solutions.

Conscious design for the community

Pre-planning of construction activities in secured complexes located in Sarafovo South, includes consideration of the interaction between buildings, infrastructure, natural environment and people.

The result is creating a projects that rely on the interests and welfare of the community. The projects guided by the thought of the Sarafovo South's community seek to maintain people's health.

For this purpose, the properties are built with ecological materials, so we can deliver a new generation of modern properties by the sea, in natural green environment.

All these improve the interaction between people, nature and buildings on a global scale.

Sustainable architecture

Given the impact of human activity on climate change, development in the field of architecture seeks to address the issue of natural sustainability.

The installation of air-conditioning, heating and ventilation systems that are designed to save energy and reduce the negative environmental effects are a trend that is becoming more and more necessary in today's construction.

We are proud of what we create for you and your family. Our properties in Sarafovo South are synonymous for security, comfort, style and coziness.

The modern flats by the sea are example of architectural construction with excellent quality and design, that will provide you the highest possible standard of living, in an innovative and warm atmosphere.

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