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The positive aspects of life in Sarafovo South


Sarafovo South is one of the most fashionable residential areas in the city of Bourgas, which make up the modern residential complexes of closed type.

The area build dreams and creates homes for families who want to live in a cozy and peaceful home, a few meters from the sea.

The residential spaces perfectly combine modern construction with the building of numerous green areas and focus on the natural way of life.

Atlantis Bulgaria Holding creates much more than housing. The complexes, which are built in it are designed to be in harmony with the surrounding world. They are a fascinating alternative to the hectic and stressful life-something to which many already aspire.

10 reasons to live in Sarafovo South


Sarafovo South is a new generation residential area. Its difference is the immediate proximity both to the city and the sea. The green areas in the complexes are so large that your children can spend time playing outside without worrying about their safety.


In addition to security and safety, Sarafovo SOUTH offers privacy and provides its residents the privacy they need.

You can indulge in daily activities and classes, without the worry of the outside world. Privacy is extremely advantageous. It is a key factor for people who need time for solitude and personal matters, for those who work from home for families who prefer an intimate setting or for those who just want to relax and spend your time undisturbed.


Another benefit of life in Sarafovo South is the community that is being formed. Actually, you are surrounded by people who share your understanding and affiliation with the surroundings. It creates a sense of reciprocity and collective awareness of a high standard of living. A warm interpersonal relationships are formed, and a friendly circle is formed in which respect, solidarity, and trust are leading.

The sports and play areas in the  residential area give you an extra chance to communicate with your neighbours and get to know them. There is a strong balance and solidarity in relations. Neighbours in Sarafovo Southeast show respect for hours of rest, they do not welcome many outside visitors, but at the same time the community conducts social events and entertain, discuss important things or just communicate together.


Sarafovo South is a complex that provides access to a host of amenities to ensure maximum comfort and convenience of the residents, who have everything they need, as close as possible to them.

The buildings are built with modern construction materials and methods, creating unique and authentic atmosphere, highlighting the high standard of living in Sarafovo South. All apartments and houses are designed to be both functional, stylish and comfortable. They provide a private space of luxury and coziness.

Sarafovo South offers a wide range of facilities such as: swimming pool, private courtyard, parking areas, places for sport and recreation, playgrounds and special zones, colored paths, meadows, picnic areas, gardens, footpaths, on panoramic lifts and more.

The buildings are built with modern construction materials and methods, creating unique and authentic atmosphere, highlighting the high standard of living in Sarafovo South. All apartments and houses are designed to be both functional, stylish and comfortable. They provide a private space of luxury and coziness.

In the complex you will find: a pharmacy, a grocery store, a restaurant, a beauty and hair salon, etc. Only a few kilometres away are the resort towns of pomorie, Nessebar and sunny beach.

The noise from the airport is far away from you, but it's quick and easy to get to the airport, where necessary. A huge plus is the proximity of the Burgas salt-cellars, which are known for their medicinal properties of established local lye and mud.


Forget about the unpleasant sounds and smells of street traffic. Continuous urban bustle, traffic noise and vehicle pollution are not things that will bother you in Sarafovo South. This factor contributes to your safety, provides peace of mind and improves your health tone. Enjoy the incredible feeling of coziness and silence away from the city's usual noises. The atmosphere at Sarafovo South is quiet, relaxed and welcoming. Relax with a cup of tea on the veranda or stroll along the alleys, enjoy the song of the birds and enjoy the sun. Life is wonderful when there are    secure conditions of life and peace is at stake


All buildings in Sarafovo South are designed and executed, based on the latest trends in construction, not only in Bulgaria but also globally. They incorporate materials of high quality and proven origin. All the trends for modern and environmentally friendly construction have been applied, guaranteeing the long lifetime of all properties and office premises. The construction process is carried out with the control and assistance of reputable manufacturers, partners, architects, engineers, managers.


Atlantis Bulgaria Holding is a company with many years of experience in construction and investment. The company relies on quality and innovation, building properties with high investment attractiveness, as the ones in Sarafovo South. The houses and flats in the secure  complexes located in the area have much higher prestige and positive rating. Whether you choose to live in the latter or plan to buy a property to sell at a later stage, the property value from a trusted construction company such as Atlantis Bulgaria Holding is a secure investment that marks a serious trend for high returns in the long run.


Sarafovo Southeast is an area where newest generation complexes are being designed and built with a focus on energy efficiency and close connection to nature, which greatly increases the benefits for living and development of young families in the area. Emphasizing on the benefits to man and the environment, innovative construction technologies are used, using environmentally friendly materials. This promotes the conservation of natural resources, improves air quality and creates a healthier living environment


Sarafovo South achieves a harmonious balance between modern buildings, modern conveniences and a natural environment. The residents of the complex have extensive green areas, gardens, flower alleys and tree-lined parks. The latter does not only create a charming and unique atmosphere, but is also a guarantee for a cleaner air. The preservation of the relationship between human and nature brings beauty and tone to everyday life, while at the same time it brings a unique sense of prosperity, joy and tranquility.


Do you remember a time when kids could play outside without their parents to be wary of the dangers? Unfortunately the time is long past in contemporary urban conditions, but not for Sarafovo district South.

Security and nature in the region are a prerequisite for a healthy living environment in which your children can safely develop, entertain and grow.

It is the ideal place in which to build a home the family values and prosperity are in the first place.

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For more information and inquiries:

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