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Which is the better choice - a secure or ordinary residential complex?


Buying a flat in a secure complex is becoming more and more popular and a preferred option for many families looking for a property on the Black Sea coast.

In the following lines we will introduce you to the main advantages of life in the secure complex, compared to those in the residential neighbourhoods. This is an important issue, considering the need of an informed decision when buying a home.


Life in the closed complex aims to offer more security to its inhabitants. Nowadays, security is something to which many aspire. The protection is related to the security activity in the territory of the complex, the oblagorodeniâ area and regular control of the common parts.

For young families, the safety of children is a priority. Statistics show that last year, the percentage of people interested in and buying a home in a gated community is growing, and this is because the security and safety of the residences located there is at times.

Contemporary construction with proven quality of used materials

We at Atlantis Holding Bulgaria, stage design of our complexes, and we are driven by the idea to use the best quality materials. The construction process goes under strict control and monitoring of the effectiveness of the materials used in the process. We guarantee that the specialists working for the construction of buildings running absolutely precise and professionally their work.

The complexes of closed type determine the idea of modern way of life in the big city. Here the advantages are many, and especially the tranquility and solitude, which receive residents. The facilities around the complexes are not bad, on the contrary-has everything you need for sports, daily activities and fun.

Creating a Cohesive Community

People living in gated communities, often create a more cohesive and coherent neighbourhood community. This may be due to the strong sense of reciprocity and commonality in the understandings and perceptions.

In this type of complexes, there is a sense of solidarity and teamwork, which is observed as in social interaction and in solving issues related to the maintenance or safety. This creates a harmonious and peaceful living environment, outlined with a high standard.

Green areas

Priority in building a modern complex, such as the Atlantis Atmosphere, is the creation of greenery surrounding areas and the preservation of existing vegetation. Enhancing and preserving the harmonious relationship between man and nature is a corrective for a fulfilling and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Own infrastructure and amenities

On the territory of the closed residential complex Atlantis, Atmosphere there is a own infrastructure, with a unique and authentic atmosphere. It is so constructed as to provide maximum convenience and comfort of residents. Closed complexes offer a wide range of amenities, including special activities and services, which can be many and varied: sports and recreation areas, special places for a children's game, etc.


As a general rule, closed complexes have an internal support, which makes the life of the people living there much easier.

In fact, the owners choose how you will manage the property and common areas. They discuss and take appropriate decision that satisfies everyone.


As a general rule, closed complexes have an internal support, which makes the life of the people living there much easier.

If you make a preliminary study and assessment of the market value of the area, then you will be able to predict and its future value, as well as what kind of bike you could possibly require tenants.


TA number of factors have negatvno impact on human life, causing more people to turn to the practicality and the comfort of closed complexes. They offer a combination of modern and contemporary amenities, security, green and peaceful community, away from the effects of polluted, noisy and with adverse conditions, urban environment.

Sarafovo South - the dream home for you and your family!  Lux, security and nature in one.