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Why is it necessary to get more light into our home?


Why is it necessary to get more light into our home?

If you are constantly feeling tired and stressed, it may be time to look for the cause in your home and more precisely in the natural sources of light. The fact is that people feel most comfortable in a home where natural sunlight is abundant. The latter is mainly due to the size of windows and height of the ceiling.

What is the purpose of the high ceiling? Goals can be many, but the most important are:

  • Scale - The high ceilings give more space to the human body, and it feels more relaxed. The feeling of wide space provokes more openness and expression of emotions.
  • High ceiling rooms provide more light and better ventilation.
  • The functionality in the room changes completely. The high ceiling also affects the interior design, allowing for the use of more colours, elements and accents due to the larger area of the property.

Part of the attractiveness of the high ceilings is undoubtedly related to the general preference for larger space, but behavioral and brain evidence suggests that there is something more to it. Some studies link the choice of a high-ceilinged home with a psychological feeling of freedom. On the one hand, such premises encourage visual exploration, while prompting us to think more freely. This can be a very powerful combination to provoke positive feelings in every person. Various research experiments have shown that high ceilings, in addition to expanding the perception of a person, also provoke his creativity and abstraction. A spacious and bright home would encourage everyone living in it, to think more creatively and outside the box. When the wide and sunny home is combined with natural resources such as a park, garden, beach, sea, clean air and a relaxed atmosphere, this inevitably has a beneficial effect on the harmonious interrelation between man and nature.

Atlantis Atmosphere contributes to a truly harmonious life

The complex will surprise and fascinate you with its modern architecture, versatility and the ideal location of its flats, a rich vegetation environment and the opportunities for sport, relaxation and health.

Atlantis Atmosphere is a project, created entirely for the benefit and focus on human health. The high ceilings, the spacious sunny rooms, the multitude of greenery around the buildings, help and improve the quality of life. The large terraces separated from each other and overlooking the park will be distinctive here. The elevators in the building will be panoramic, with a view of all green areas around the buildings.

The modern concept of living near the sea is linked to a clean area, in an immediate vicinity of the city center, offering all the opportunities for a higher quality of life, as well as everything needed to relax and improve the connection of man with nature. These factors are the reason of the better physical and mental state of people living in such an environment. Nature has a beneficial effect on immunity, it reduces stress, insomnia and promotes proper development in children.